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Report From Anti Columbus March (10/6/2012)
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Saturday Oct 6th, 2012 10:03 PM
Around 150 people gathered in Justin Herman Plaza. They were against everything: the military jets making metal of the air, the hordes of tourists thoughtlessly awing at the spectacular display of death above the city, the office towers and malls hanging above the waterfront, the unrestrained and uninterrupted reign of capitalism, slavery, colonialism, the empire.

At 3:30 pm they left the plaza carrying a banner that read RESIST GENOCIDE - DESTROY WHAT IS CIVILIZED . They headed towards the streets behind the Embarcadero Center mall. The riot police immediately began to follow alongside the march, and just as quickly the first paint bomb was thrown at them. The police declared the march illegal before it had walked a block. Along the route several luxury cars had their windows smashed and their tires deflated. The cops continued to get hit with bright paint as people proceeded towards Market Street.

They attempted to stop the march at one point but were outmaneuvered and the march was able to continue another two blocks. It was not until the police attempted to apprehend a single individual that the march was halted and a brawl began. The police swarmed in, two dozen of them on motorcycles, and began to isolate lone individuals and smaller groups of people. A Starbucks had its windows smashed as people were dispersing and in the end at least 19 people were beaten and arrested as the military jets thundered overhead.

The hordes of enthusiastic and wonderstruck tourists and baseball fans coursed through the metropolis, unaware of what was taking place behind Embarcadero Plaza. The virus that was planted in San Francisco hundreds of years ago was still expanding, neutralizing all resistance, and keeping itself alive. To all those marveling at the war jets in the sky, it is difficult to make sense of a mob of people who are against the colonial system. To be against colonialism, capitalism, and civilization are not popular causes—at least in affluent places like San Francisco wherein most have been convinced by the virus that its glitters are to their benefit. But this was why people went onto the street, and this is why they were attacked so severely.

The Colonial Machine, with their cops, laws, and order, attacked in order to silence our resistance and solidarity with others against a toxic system created to keep us in cages. From the belly of the beast, people rebelled against everything that fuels this empire. Cops attack to maintain order with their guns and badges, people attack with paints to liberate walls and brighten the darkness. There is no freedom in Amerikkka, there is no justice on occupied land. 520 years later, Indigenous people resist genocide and slavery through occupations. Decolonize the Empire, rebel for life. Decolonize the New World, liberate all walls, brighten the darkness.

More updates to come after Columbus Day...

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by Peaceful Gal
Saturday Oct 6th, 2012 11:21 PM
A veteran of these things and now feeling a life of peace is the best revenge, I just couldn't believe my eyes. The damn undercover cops or provocateurs? were taking off their funky "protest" clothes, ("better to blend in") and geez they all had billy clubs, guns, and bullet-proof vests. Then they got in an obviously undercover cop car and took off. I even told them they were worse than the blue guys (and girls) around the corner, and one of them said, "We're off duty."
by jimbo
Sunday Oct 7th, 2012 1:03 AM
I understand the columbus day parade is tomorrow in SF, whereas the anti-columbus march was today. Then tomorrow it's an anti-war rally on the anniversary of invasion of Afghanistan. Too bad they couldn't have been combined into one main action tomorrow in SF with a break-away march to disrupt the columbus parade. That's what occurred in '92...
The peace march protesting the 11 year illegal occupation of Afghanistan was Saturday, Oct 6 from Powell and Market past Union Square to the Hyatt Hotel at Stockton and Sutter for a labor solidarity rally. We got our message out to lots of people shopping in the Union Square area. The calendar item is at:

Here is the calendar item for the Anti-Columbus March:
It says:
10am - Our Peaceful March will begin from foot of Jefferson and Stockton Streets, located near Fisherman's Wharf, to Coit Tower Rally in Front of the Columbus Statue.
Press Conference from Noon to 1:00pm at Coit Tower in Front of the Columbus Statue, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco.
The racist, highly militarized Columbus garbage parade begins at the same location at 12:30 p.m. and goes to Washington Square at the foot of Coit Tower. All of North Beach is now and since 1950 has been predominately Chinese immigrant families so this "Italian American" parade is out of place and has absolutely nothing to do with the Italian culture we all love: Italian opera, art, and its accompanying food and wine. While this horror show takes place on the ground, the equally horrifying military recruiting show of the Navy's Blue Death flying illegally low over a city, making terrible noise so that you cannot hear yourself talk, and spewing thousands of gallons of polluting fuel into the air, roars overhead from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


We need to build our peace and anti-racist movements. As far as our peace movement should be concerned, this is an opportunity to recruit for peace and anti-racism.
Beatdowns and Arrests (see link below). Viewer discretion is advised.
Support the 22 who were arrested:
by Daniel Borgstrom
Monday Oct 8th, 2012 8:58 PM

On this day, wrongly named in honor of a guy who deserves no such honor, I think of a day when I was a little kid and came home from school and told my father of what I'd leaned in school that day. It was about the man who'd supposedly discovered America.

My father heard me out, then, in his somewhat broken English, he told me that was not first European to reach America. He told me about the voyages of Scandinavians who sailed the seas in open boats and arrived in North America around year 1000.

After telling me this, he admonished me not say that to anyone, to simply go along with the official story, because to say anything else might put me in bad with the powers that be. Of course my father didn't call them "the powers that be", but that was what he meant.