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A major WMD attack on USA homeland?
by DLi
Thursday Oct 4th, 2012 1:20 AM
On the evening of October 3, 2012, a major invasion--with the deliberate use of WMD(Weapon of Mass DECEPTION)--was premptively perpetrated on the Amercan Public. The Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite--after decades and trillion dollars of fine-tuning this sophisticated weapon's development--finally unleashed an "on the air" attack by the drones. The occasion was officially heralded as a "(p)residential debate" featuring the Baracky-drone versus the challenger Mitty-drone. Each of those political robots is a remotely-controlled mouthpiece that re-gurgitates the talking points given by their corporate handlers representing the Democratic NeoLibs(i.e., "humanitarian interventionists") and the NeoCon GOP(Greed, Oil & Profits)party, respectively.
While the corporate-bin-Laden media devotes endless hours covering and parsing the hair-splitting rhetoric from the 2 talking heads, who droned on and on regarding which particular policy would best fatten the already-swollen bank-vaults of the 1%, the truth is that neither Wall Street-financed party is capable of reversing the historic downfall of their bi-partisan Clunkered Capitalist Corporate regime. While nearly 50 million workers are unemployed in the USA empire and the European allied states(plus at least that many millions more in the Third World), neither candidate vying to be the next WHO(White House Occupier) had the audacity to explain why not a single criminal bankster on Wall Street--who caused the greatest GLOBAL financial collapse in recorded history!--has been sent to jail. And on the most important question of War and Peace, both political drones were eerily silent on why the US launched 2 illegal and murderous invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to attack the same Islamic jihadists that Uncle Sam financed and set up back in the 1980s!

By investing more than $2.5 billion into the once-every-four-years pageantry of presidential "election," the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite is banking on its most-aggressive Weapon of Mass DECEPTION to beat back any effort by the 99% to enlighten the American Public into an educated and mobilized collective that will embark on a protracted search for an alternative, "Beyond Capitalism."