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Mitt Romney (R) Needs to Apologize to U.S. Senate candidate Cris Ericson (USMJP)
by Cris Ericson (usmjp [at]
Sunday Sep 30th, 2012 4:08 PM
"Bloomberg- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a misstep when he described 47 percent of Americans as feeling entitled to government aid". Cris Ericson, U.S. Senate candidate receiving Disability Benefits, says Romney owes her an apology!
Mitt Romney (R) really stepped in a Vermont
Cow Platter when he insulted 47% of Americans,
implying they don't want to work, and would
prefer to vote for a candidate who will guarantee
their "benefits".

2012 U.S. Senate candidate Cris Ericson (USMJP)
is unemployed on disability benefits,
and she does want to work, but she
has been denied entrance to the majority
of candidate debates for the past ten years.
She wants Mitt Romney to apologize to her.

Cris Ericson for United States Senator for Vermont 2012
Candidate Information Guide, to be published statewide
as required by
17 V.S.A. Section 2810,
Vermont Statutes Annotated, submitted this
to the Vermont Secretary of State Elections Division
will.senning [at]
Candidate Name: Cris Ericson
Candidate Photo: attached
Candidate Logo: attached
Contact for Additional Candidate Information:
Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
United States Marijuana Party in Vermont
usmjp [at]

Biographical Sketch: Cris Ericson has been on the
ballot 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and continually
discriminated against by VPR, UVM, AARP, League of Women
Voters, Democrats and Republicans who conspire to exclude her
from candidate Debates on the basis that she does not have
much campaign money, if any. Cris Ericson
receives Social Security Disability, food stamps, fuel assistance,
property tax adjustment, Medicaid, Medicare and she knows how
"benefits" can keep you down, and how the Vermont State Medical
Board mandates that innocent disabled persons are unconstitutionally
treated like criminals and drug tested if they require a prescription
painkiller to function.

Postition Statements:
Reasons to Make Marijuana Legal

1. State marijuana laws
fraudulently double bill taxpayers,
because there are more than enough
federal marijuana laws.

2. Marijuana is fun for adults to use in the privacy
of their homes, away from children.

3. If your spouse is over-using marijuana, when
it becomes legal, you'll be able to ask them to go
to a drug dependency counselor without the
risk of them getting any criminal record because
of your honesty.

4. Legalizing and taxing marijuana will create a
huge tax revenue and reduce our federal deficit.

5. Handcuffing, tasering, shackling and jailing a person
for marijuana causes far more harm than the

6. Smoking marijuana has fewer dangerous
side effects than alcoholic beverages.

7. The war on marijuana has failed to stop people
from using marijuana, so why bother to continue
fighting a war you can't win, its like Vietnam,
a waste of resources.

8. 25 million people in the United States
smoke marijuana annually. Marijuana is now the
largest cash crop in the USA.

9. The National Budget
does not receive one penny of tax revenue from
drug dealers for their sales of marijuana.

10. Marijuana is grown all over planet earth,
a weed, and it has industrial uses as medicine,
hemp rope, oil, fiber.

11. Drug Enforcement Agency keeps buying more helicopters to
eradicate marijuana, but it is a weed and keeps on growing.
Eradication is a ludicrous fantasy.

12. America's Chain gangs of mothers and fathers in jail
for marijuana tears families apart and hurts innocent children.

13. Blacks account for 26% of marijuana arrests in the
United States even though they are only 13% of the
population of the USA.

14. Teenagers are selling marijuana for money, cash
profits they can hide from their parents.
More teens will be willing to wait if they know they
can try marijuana legally when they are 21, like alcohol.

15. Making marijuana legal in the United States will reduce
the flow of drug money from the American economy
to the international criminal gangs who use the
drug money to buy guns and weapons.

16. Modern science does not support the reefer madness
claims of government. Since cannabinoid receptor systems
were discovered in the 1980's, the hysterical
claims of government have been disproven, and it is time
to update laws to match science.

17. Marijuana is not a lethal drug and it is safer than
alcoholic beverages. It is unfair, unjust and downright
un-American to treat marijuana users more harshly
than users of alcoholic beverages.

18. When the United States Declaration of Independence
was signed, marijuana was legal.
When the United States Constitution was signed,
marijuana was legal. Take back America!

19. Keeping current marijuana laws is too expensive
for our justice system. Taxing the legal sale of marijuana
to adults would have improve our economy.

20. Annually, 750,000 individuals are arrested
for marijuana possession in
the United States. Each marijuana arrest costs the taxpayers
more money because of inflation.

28. F.B.I and Police officers should be investigating real crimes
of violence.

29.Smoking marijuana provides fast medical relief for
cramps and nausea from disabling diseases.

Please vote for Cris Ericson for United States Senator for Vermont
so she can lead the nation and lead the way for millions of Americans
who really want to get back to work to the best of their ability,
without being insulted or deprived of what they need to work.

by Cris Ericson Sunday Sep 30th, 2012 4:08 PM