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Anti-racist woman assaulted & arrested for defacing "anti-Jihad" ad in New York subway
by Steve in Oakland (geese4peace [at]
Thursday Sep 27th, 2012 1:56 AM
A young Egyptian-American woman, offended by pro-Israel "anti-Jihad" advertisements in the New York subway system, took a stand with a can of spraypaint. Two cops and a big gnarly police dog arrested her, although a woman who had tried to stop her act of civil disobedience was not ticketed, charged, or even warned. For all the world it looked like subway love, with one of the cops whispering god knows what into the interferer's ear while grinning widely for the rest of the New York Post camera crew. [NY Post article and links to two videos at URL below].
The New York Post filmed an anti-racist woman spraypainting over an "anti-jihad" poster in the subway yesterday. What appears to be a New York Post crew member physically gets between the spraypainter and the poster, and the spraypainter is actually assaulted with the interfering woman's camera stand.

About the time the confrontation goes from a simple standoff to an actual assault along come two cops and a dog to arrest the spraypainter. One of the cops whispers sweet somethings to the woman who had confronted the spraypainter, as the spraypainter asks why she is being handcuffed and arrested [and the cop refuses to answer, smiling coyly at the New York Post crew].

The spraypainter had only committed a property crime, whereas the other woman had physically attacked her. But the spraypainter was arrested and taken away, while the woman who attacked her got only sweet talk from one of the cops - not a ticket, an arrest, even a "who are you? We might need to talk to you later," or the old Castle favorite, "Don't leave town!"

If the slogan, "Cops and Klan; hand in hand" has any truth to it, imagaine what Cops and Zionists must be like. [Okay, don't imagine - watch the video and see for yourself!]


"Paranoia strikes deep;
Into your heart it will creep;
Comes when you're always afraid;
Step out of line, the man comes and takes you away!"
[as seen here]:
§Update on Anti-racist woman assaulted and arrested
by Steve in Oakland (geese4peace [at] Thursday Sep 27th, 2012 3:29 AM
Update: Spraypainter Mona Eltahawy released, will be tried for misdemeanor. See Guardian URL for more information.

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by PrionPartyy
Thursday Sep 27th, 2012 10:09 PM
She broke the law.

What comes next? Arrest. Duh.

I say, let the adds remain.

All it does is shows that the Zionists and the Zionist's enablers push the same ubbermenschen superior beings rant made famous by the NAZIs. Ohhhh, Zionists are such better people, so somehow, Zionists have a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands AND that SOMEHOW it is something other than an offense for Washington politicians to use public taxes to supply the murderous thieving Zionist invaders with the means to destroy our Palestinian neighbors.

Lets the Zionists and their enablers showcase to the whole world that they share the moral ethics of NAZIs.