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3 Groups
by ARC
Monday Sep 17th, 2012 11:13 AM
3 groups are harming Ohio bats. Are they conconspirators?

1st the Sonoco (not Sunoco) Co. is trapping bats as they seek to get approval for their pipeline.

2. The Ohio Dept of "Health" has a disinformation campaign and is harming raccoons and bats in 3 counties.

3. At the Northeast Ohio College of Medicine

they have killed dogs,

they are electroshocking bats.

They have hurt numberless rats.

They have tortured cats.

These animals are powerless

and cannot speak.

They can only in pain squeak

or in agony shriek.

These violaters of the Hippocratic Oath

first do harm.

Can they get their MD

without barbarity.


Footnote: Is there any connection between CNN's campaign against bats, Sonoco (not Sunoco) company's trapping them, and the electroshocking of bats being done at Northeast Ohio College of Medicine?
Author notes

WKSU, which has totally excluded the students who founded it from its programming, continued its animal abuse today, promoting the electroshocking of bats being done at by Dr. Jeff Wenstrup and others at the Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Dr Jeff Wenstrup is the electroshocker with promotion by Jeff St Clair of WKSU’s Exploradio promotion. Is Dr. James F. Battey, Jr. head of NIH's National Institute On Deafness the man who approved this animal torture? Dr James Battey is the head of the NIH Institute of Deafness which funded this torture. Some are deaf to the voice of humanity.

Jay A. Gershen, D.D.S., the director of NEOMED. Jeff De Silva of WKSU and Exploradio shilled for this torture. Sounds the bat made while being electroshocked were edited out. Citizens' involuntary taxes go to fund this medieval torture chamber of modern Frankensteins.

Is it a curious coincidence that pipeline operatives in the area of NEOMED are trapping bats?

Bats are endangered in Ohio. NEOMED is endangering bats. There are reports that bats are being trapped in the areas near NEOMED. Perhaps Neomed can tell the public from whom it purchases bats.

Trustees of NEOMED who have not stopped this atrocity are

Northeast Ohio Medical University Board of Trustees

Daisy L. Alford-Smith, Ph.D.

Paul R. Bishop, J.D.

Nida F. Degesys, Student

J. David Heller, CPA

Philip K. King, Student

Eric Kodish, M.D., Chair

Chander M. Kohli, M.D., Vice Chair

Dianne M. Bitonte Miladore, M.D.

Anil M. Parikh, M.D., DFAPA

Steven P. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Gary S. Shamis, CPA, M.Acc.