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SFPD is Here to Make Your Day
by T
Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 4:22 PM
Seen on Broadway & Sansome – San Francisco's North Beach
Blatant militarization of the police and occupation & colonization of the black community of Bayview!
Make your day? WTF is this Dirty Harry?

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by San Francisco voter & taxpayer
Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 9:45 PM
This ad raises many questions. Why is the SF police department advertising at all? Why is this ad in the less seen area of the Financial District, the edge of North Beach? Why do they even mention the Bayview, a long distance from North Beach? They are certainly not recruiting anyone in that area as the Chinese immigrant community that is the family community in that area is not a community whose young people join the police force in any significant numbers. They are not a company in need of a tax writeoff, namely advertising. This picture is not positive in any aspect. It shows a fat cop in riot gear with the military in the background, not a good sales picture for either potential recruits or to promote any kind of good relations in San Francisco. One thing we know for sure, the $100,000 a year and up plus benefits these thugs receive is far too much if they have money for this kind of ad. We would be better off just eliminating the whole police department and giving our tax dollars to all the social services departments.
by deanosor
Thursday Sep 13th, 2012 11:22 PM says the ad was sponsored by police officers association, not the department itself. Their job in the process is to promote police activity as based in the individual [militarized] [veteran] officer. So of course, in a neighborhood that 'needs protection' and doesn't want to 'end up' like Bayveiw, they will advertise the individual officer as what is needed to prevent that.
by SF voter & taxpayer
Friday Sep 14th, 2012 8:23 AM
I read this ad carefully. The Police Officers Association exists from the contributions of the police, who receive their money from us taxpayers. As to warning anyone, the people who walk around Broadway and Sansome are mostly workers in the Financial District who work in that area, by definition mostly people who do not live in San Francisco. It is also a very low populated area in terms of the Financial District and in terms of housing for the mostly Chinese immigrant population. As an ad in general, this is a terrible ad as it does not inspire anyone to either defend police or join the police. The tough guy military image does not sell here. It demonstrates the thinking of a gang of thugs who have no connection to the people of San Francisco who pay their exorbitant wages. Most of the police do not live in San Francisco.