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9-11\Stop Drivng campaign's first day on the job
by 2feather
Wednesday Sep 12th, 2012 4:47 PM
Among the activities of the Tuk-Pikuni (tree-people, in the language of the Blackfoot Indian nation) was a banner-drop from the pedestrian\bike overpass on I-80, near the University Ave. exit in Berkeley. This was to kick off a 4-day series of events which start on Sept. 11th and ending on the 15th. The goal is to encourage the public to carry out a general strike against driving during that time. A-ho.

Welcome to the Tuk-Pikuni's 3rd annual 9-11\Stop Driving Global Warming campaign. This is the movement to end all movement.

MOTHER EARTH IS BURNING. No one can deny that the weather worldwide is going bonkers. Record-setting temperature extremes, droughts, floods, wildfires burning out of control, everywhere. And a major cause of the ill state of our Mother's health, as well as her rage, is the public's use and societal addiction to the automobile. With all the resource extraction and fouling of the air, land, and water that's involved with automobile production and use, who can blame Mom for hurting and being pissed? And she's not going to let it go unchecked and unpunished.

That's why, for our sake and yours, we're putting on a 4-day-long series of events, in the hope that you all will abstain from driving for at least the duration of these events. We start with a sunrise ceremony each morning, followed with demonstrations and direct actions. For more information, go to

Know that the Mohawk Nation in Canada and the Zapatistas in Mexico will be carrying out similar actions in solidarity. So come join us, but most importantly, STOP DRIVING!

by 2feather Wednesday Sep 12th, 2012 4:47 PM