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The 13th Annual San Francisco World Music Festival
by Nicole Buckoski (nbuckoski [at]
Tuesday Sep 11th, 2012 4:41 PM
From Beijing's legendary Mei Lanfang to Baku's celebrated Bulbul, The San Francisco World Music Festival ramps up innovative programming with the culminating installation of our Trilogy Series (rituals, epics, operas), premiering "The Opera Project: Voices from the Other Side..." a global opera integrating through live performance and technology live-streaming distinguished masters of Azerbaijani Mugham Opera, Chinese Beijing Opera, Korean P'ansori Opera, Tibetan Opera, and more!
The 13th Annual San Francisco World Music Festival, one of the most distinguished festivals in the United States dedicated to producing some of the highest caliber traditional masters from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, will take place in San Francisco on NOVEMBER 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2012.

The Opera Project, currently in development between Beijing, Baku (Azerbaijan) and San Francisco, will be a Trans-Pacific multi-dimensional opera employing the use of simultaneous live performances and interactive virtual technology in 3 major cities around the world. Slated to premiere over 3 days in Fall 2012 as part of Door Dog Music Production’s 13th annual San Francisco World Music Festival, “The Opera Project” will include opera masters from the at least 8 different regional styles of opera around China and throughout the world.

The goal of The Opera Project is to musically and literally bring the world together, where artists and audiences in Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco get to experience an interactive live yet virtual global opera with artists and audiences on the other side of the world. The Opera Project proposes to examine the effects of migration on our lives, exploring the individual decisions into migration as a metaphor for what’s happening on a global scale right now. We all make decisions in life that affect the trajectory of our lives, and the lead characters for “The Opera Project” will play out these simultaneous life paths. Those different paths will eventually cross or collide, and audiences in the different cities will witness the realities of the other side as artists perform, interact or by pass each other in real time on stage.