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SEIU1021 Supporters & SF Museum Workers Occupy de Young To Get Contract Without Concessions
by Labor Video Project
Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts workers who are non-profit workers and members of SEIU 1021 are fighting against a concessionary contract. They briefly occupied the de Young museum on Friday night September 7 and some supporters were arrested
SEIU 1021 Supporters & SF Museum Workers Occupy de Young To Get Contract Without Concessions
SEIU 1021 Museum workers and their supporters occupied the
lobby of the de Young Museum on September 7, 2012. They
are demanding a contract without a two tier, major healthcare
increases and other attacks on their conditions. The SF museum
board of directors are multi-millionaires and billionaires and the
museum made over $22 million last year. These workers are
working for a non-profit and are not SF city employees and the museum
bosses agreed to the conditions of the city negotiated contract
for other city workers including guards and stationary engineers
but refuse to provide the same conditions to these non-profit workers.
Production Of Labor Video Project

The millionaire/billionaire board of the San Francisco Fine Arts Museum and their greed. Vanessa Getty kicked Newsom out of their mansion to make $4 million.
Contact Information

Megan Bourne, Secretary to the Museums
mbourne [at]

"The Board is responsible for the protection and conservation of the assets of the Fine Arts Museums and for setting the public course the Museums will follow. The Board shall assure that the Museums are open, accessible and vital contributors to the cultural life of the City and County, and that the Museums' programs bring art appreciation and education to all the people of the City and County."

—San Francisco City Charter, Section 5.10

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Roster of Trustees
Adolphus Andrews, Jr. Laure Fullerton Headrick
Edward D. Baker III Gretchen Kimball
Zachary S. Bogue Janet W. Lamkin
Carol N. Bonnie David Lamond
Carol W. Casey Kathryn Lasater
Vice President for Development
David H.S. Chung
Vice President for Finance
Lawrence B. Low
Penny Coulter Holland Lynch
Marc P. Cruciger, M.D. Monica Maduro
Belva Davis
Vice President
Nancy McFadden
Juliet de Baubigny Dr. Sarah Ogilvie
Jason M. Fish Carl Pascarella
Denise B. Fitch Venetta S. Rohal
Elise Friedman Lisa M. Sardegna
Vanessa Getty Arlene Schnitzer
Frankie Jacobs Gillette David Spencer
Frederick M. Goltz Susan Swartz
Wheeler S. Griffith Jim Tananbaum
Cynthia Fry Gunn Jeana Toney
Lauren Hall Robert T. Wall
Lucy Young Hamilton Diane B. Wilsey
Katherine Harbin Lisa Zanze
Holly Johnson Harris

Society Pals' Falling Out Affects Newsom, Getty Families
Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross
Published 4:00 a.m., Friday, August 11, 2000

Word is that Getty, a multimillionaire heir to the oil fortune, and Newsom, a fast-rising talent being talked up for a run for mayor, have had a bitter falling-out and have spoken only once in the past six months.

In fact, most of the talking these days is being done through lawyers.

"It's the saddest thing you've seen," says one source close to the two.

From the looks of things, money, women -- and personal jealousies -- may all be at play in the rift.

But first some history.

The Getty-Newsom connection goes back to the days when Billy's father, Gordon Getty, and Gavin's father, retired state appellate Judge Bill Newsom, schooled together at Saint Ignatius. Since then, the elder Newsom has become one of the Getty family's key advisers.

For a while, it looked as if Billy and Gavin were going to carry on in the tradition of their fathers. They partnered with 41 other investors in Plump Jack Management Group, a fast-growing wine and restaurant business named after the opera that Gordon Getty had composed.

The group's investments include the popular Balboa Cafe in the Marina, a winery in Napa and the Squaw Valley Inn.

And all along it's been very much a family affair, with Gavin's mother, Tessa, keeping the books, and his sister Hillary serving until recently as president.

Newsom smarts and Getty money: It looked like the ticket to the top.

But then young Billy Getty got married.

And what a wedding it was, with Billy as the groom, Gavin as the best man and Vanessa "Nessie" Jarman resplendent as the blushing bride at the Napa Valley home of Maria Manetti Farrow.

But friends say that's when things started to go south between the two old chums.

Because soon after the wedding, Vanessa started questioning some of Billy and Gavin's joint financial dealings.

The rumblings came to a head a few months back when Newsom, struggling to pay the mortgage on his own Marina home, temporarily moved into a Pacific Heights house that he and young Getty had been jointly remodeling as a business investment.

But young Getty and his wife had other ideas, and insisted that Newsom move out, so the property could be sold in what was becoming a very hot market.

Newsom implored his buddy to let him stay in the house long enough to build a third-story addition -- or short of that, at least until he got through his busy re-election this November.

The answer was no dice.

The Gettys apparently wanted Newsom out, and now the two sides have stopped talking altogether.

But if anyone is raising questions about how Gavin has managed the businesses, the senior Getty isn't one of them.

"I believe 100 percent in Gavin, and when he is accused of wrongdoing, I'm on his side," Gordon Getty told us from Squaw Valley this week.

Whatever the case, Gavin and Billy wound up selling the Pacific Heights house for a tidy profit (sources say it went for upwards of $4 million).

That means Gavin will be moving out within the next couple of weeks -- and like a lot of folks, trying to find a place to live in one of the most-expensive cities in America.

Gavin says he hopes the move puts an end to the fighting, so that the friendship can be repaired.

"I have a lot of respect for Vanessa, and I believe she cares deeply about Billy and my relationship," he said. "Unfortunately, we're going through this ridiculous bump in the road, which is a waste of everyone's time."

Behind this fight, friends say, there are a few other strains in the mix.

Like the fact that the senior Getty reportedly offered to buy out his son's interest in the Pacific Heights house so Gavin could stay there.

Or the fact that the younger Getty once dated Newsom's girlfriend, who just moved here from Los Angeles to take a job as a deputy in the San Francisco district attorney's office.

Gavin's friends are convinced that Vanessa and cohorts inside the D.A.'s office tried to sabotage the hiring.

Billy and Vanessa Getty didn't return our phone calls, and their Chevy Chase, Md., lawyer, Henry Zapruder (as in the son of Kennedy assassination photographer Abraham Zapruder) said: "It's a client matter -- I don't want to discuss it." Then he hung up.

As for where Gavin might move?

Well, apparently he hasn't found a house or apartment yet in his tony neighborhood.

But if all else fails, word is Newsom does have one standing offer to move in . . . with Billy Getty's parents.

GIANT REACH: Now that the San Francisco Giants have their ballpark, don't rule them out getting involved in an attempt to bring a new sports arena to the waterfront.

Sources tell us the Giants are already getting a number of inquiries from potential investors interested in teaming up with the Giants in landing a new basketball or ice hockey franchise for the city.

And as strange as it might sound, it's actually right in line with the current wave of sports ownership mergers around the country.

HEADS UP: We hear from a very reliable source that former school board member Carlota del Portillo will be tagged to replace Ted Soulis on the San Francisco Fire Commission. We also hear that City Purchaser Ed Lee is going to be moved over to take over the Department of Public Works.

NO JOKE: Chief Assistant District Attorney Darrell Solomon didn't think our joke about him wearing a bulletproof vest was very funny.

He wasn't wearing it out of fear that one of his staff would take a potshot -- but because he was going out with cops in the narcotics unit for a ride through some very rough parts of town.

Rougher even than the Hall of Justice.

§Supporters in the de Young lobby
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
Over 100 workers joined the occupation in the museum
§Museum worker speaks
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
A museum worker spoke about their issues
§Blocking the door
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
Unionists and supporters blocked the doors and were later arrested.
§Millionaire Trustees Chair Dede Wilsey
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
Dede Wilsey, the chair of the Board of Trustees is a a union buster who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republicans and Democrats like Feinstein and the Democratic Party.
§Billionaire Vanessa Getty On Board
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
Billionaire Vanessa Getty lives the good life in Pacific Heights but want a two tier wage for the workers at the de Young and Legion museums
§Police surrounded the sit-in
by Labor Video Project Sunday Sep 9th, 2012 12:37 PM
Over 100 police were mobilized to control the protest at the museum
§Corrected URL Link For Museum Action
by URL Link Monday Sep 10th, 2012 8:06 AM
Corrected Link