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Blood Sport
by Nonviolence
Saturday Sep 8th, 2012 10:15 AM
Fewer teach their children to murder animals.
A former professional football player, now a talk show host,
said he tried to hunt as a boy but could not, and that he does not
approve of bowhunting. A fawn, he said, wandered into his back yard
with an arrow sticking out of his leg. He walked on 3 legs.
Countless studies indicate that serial killers
in their childhood or teen years began
being cruel to animals.
Paul Ryan, candidate for Vice President,
is both practicing cruel bowhunting
and, through his voting trillions for war,
serial killing.

True men have nothing to prove.
They are confident about their masculinity.
They are nonviolent

The picture is from a Texas site. Texas has many canned hunt sites,
concentration camps in which animals are imprisoned behind 9 foot
chain link fences and are murdered by trophy seekers. Zoos such as the
Cleveland Zoo have provided 'excess' animals for these sites.