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Full-Length Critique of Police Repression Against the Santa Cruz 11 & Occupy Santa Cruz
by Linda Lemaster (posted by Norse)
Friday Sep 7th, 2012 2:31 PM
The current issue of Street Spirit newspaper (September 2012), which can be found in the main public library (or perhaps in a few days), features local activist and potential jailbird Lighthouse Linda Lemaster, writing her views on the activist takeover of the 75 River St. vacant bank building, leased by Wells Fargo. Lemaster goes to trial October 15th at 9 AM in Dept. 2 for peacefully supporting a Right-to-Sleep protest on the steps of the courthouse in August 2010.

Linda's website features many articles on the local civil liberties issues particularly concerning the poor: .
Lost a zero!

In the article I wrote, where it states "$3,000" in alleged vandalism and related costs at 75 River Street, it needed to say, "$30,000."

Thirty Thousand!

I find it hard to believe, but I didn't mean to mis-state the billing total. Sorry. Thanks to OSC's Sylvia for catching this. Those all-nighters can lead to typos.

Also, Robert's use of word "repression" in his title (above) surprised me, tho' I guess I see his point. I have tried to focus on the behaviors of the police department, and I've tried to called out the SCPD Chief in that article. I feel, however, the focus on this little bit of history was more about their mis-steps or inadequate protocols last winter, than their repression.

In a way, their JOB is "to repress", these days, but it is up to us peons, our collective eyes and ears, as it were, when they have a broken system or inadequate capacity from which they operate. They need feedback from everyone. Without it, more people get hurt, including even cops themselves.

I feel we need to hold them responsible for any dehumanizing and mean things they say on the job. Whether individually or as a force, we can share the bigger truths with them whether they're on "our side" or otherwise. Ands if they consistently do not respond to our concerns, we need to talk to the brass about in service training, give those men in blue (and black) the tools they need to secure their own humanity, and maybe they will consider others' humanity?