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March and Rally on the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war
Date Saturday October 06
Time 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location Details
Rally: Powell & Market Sts.
March to Grand Hyatt in solidarity with Lo. 2 hotel workers
(at Stockton and Sutter, near Union Sq.)
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorANSWER Coalition
Emailanswer [at]
AddressANSWER Office: 2969 Mission St. at 25th
End the Afghanistan War NOW!
No New War & Sanctions vs. Syria & Iran!

Free Palestine – End the occupation!
Stop the attack on civil rights & liberties!
Jobs, healthcare, housing, education for all!
Stop the war on working people here and around the world!

As the 11th anniversary of the U.S./NATO occupation of Afghanistan nears, the danger of new and wider wars in the Middle East is on the rise. In Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the death toll continues to mount. In April, Washington announced a plan to stay in Afghanistan until 2024. The stepped up and illegal use of killer drones has added to the deadly toll.

The U.S. and its allies are arming, funding and training the opposition forces in Syria, while talking of imposing a “no-fly zone” on that country – a step that would immediately lead to a bigger war.

Massive U.S. air and naval forces are deployed in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, and leaders in both Washington and its main regional ally, Israel, threaten Iran with an all-out attack, not ruling out the use of nuclear weapons. Vicious sanctions have been put in place, deliberately designed to inflict maximum suffering on the Iranian people. In occupied Palestine, Israel illegally seizes more Palestinian land and violently suppresses the people on a daily basis.

Here in the United States, civil rights and liberties are facing severe attack, with “national security” used as the excuse to spy on the people and infiltrate progressive organizations, targeting especially Muslims, Arabs and other people of color. While tens of millions of people remain unemployed due to the capitalist economic crisis, social programs are being slashed and public workers laid-off. Labor unions are under unprecedented attack. The corporate media blames the workers for the crisis, but the real cause is clear: a military budget that really totals over $1.4 trillion dollars, more than all the other countries on Earth combined!

On Saturday, October 6, we will mark the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan occupation with a rally at Powell and Markets Sts. at 12 noon. We will protest the war on poor and working people around the world and in the U.S. Following the rally, we will march to the Grand Hyatt hotel (Sutter & Stockton Sts.) in solidarity with the Local 2 hotel workers, who are carrying out a worldwide boycott of the notorious Hyatt chain.

Only a powerful people’s movement can turn this situation around. Join us on Oct. 6 in the streets of San Francisco and many other cities across the country and around the world.

Endorse and volunteer to help build the movement now!

Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).
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by Harun from Afghans for peace
(Harun [at] Thursday Sep 6th, 2012 11:20 PM
So ANSWER coalition and their front groups think its appropriate to coopt the struggles of Afghans again this year. I am speaking on behalf of Afghans for Peace (SF/OaklandBay Area Chapter), an anti war group comprised of Afghans who are resisting imperialism, militarism & colonialism here in the North America. Also in Europe & Afghanistan. We are fed up with groups like ANSWER who create front groups to trick unknowing and newly politicized people into becoming grunt worker drones in their endless barrage of permitted pointless protests while also claiming to be in "solidarity" with those of us who are struggling and dying because these wars.

ANSWER decided to ask us to endorse their LA. When we read it- it said they were also going to be having an SF demo in the text. They never asked us to come speak. They never asked if we were holding any demonstrations, they just went ahead and decided it would be appropriate to have a War Anniversary protest without even having an Afghan speak at their demonstration. Not even the Afghans who are out in the streets fighting.

We say FUCK YOU ANSWER Coalition and we expect you to cancel your demonstration.

If anyone want to join us- AFGHANS in the streets for an AFGHAN led antiwar action join us on Oct 7th - 6pm at OGP (14th & Broadway in Downtown Oakland).

Much Love & Solidarity to those who know what Solidarity is.

Call out for solidarity:

by Also
Friday Sep 7th, 2012 3:18 AM
We will all be there not only to protest the US war machine and support labor, but also to protest the San Francisco Democratic Party's promotion of military terrorism over San Francisco, starting with then mayor Feinstein in 1980, with illegal low flights of the Navy's Blue Death over heavily populated San Francisco during this Columbus Genocide Weekend, causing heavy pollution, wasting tax dollars and oil and making horrific nerve-shattering noise that makes it impossible to hear anything as the planes fly so low we can read the yellow letters on the bottom of these blue planes, "US Navy." This 4 day state terrorism, Thursday through Sunday of Columbus Genocide weekend, is an openly admitted military recruiting show and the Democratic Party election frauding machine that has run San Francisco since 1960 promotes this nerve-shattering garbage as entertainment and tourist promotion. The military does not exist to entertain anyone; it exists to maximize the profits of the capitalist class by killing the people of the world to steal their resources and their labor. This nightmare is oppose by everyone over age 40 and all educated people under 40, the voters, but the Democratic Party's Board of Supervisors and its mayor continue to allow this criminal military terrorism over San Francisco as part of its military celebration called "Fleet Week" even though there is no Navy base anywhere near here; the ships come from San Diego and Hawaii at taxpayer expense.
by Anarchist
Saturday Sep 8th, 2012 12:53 PM
You guys don't accomplish anything and you're boring. I've been to every one of your rally's and marches when i was in my 20's during the Bush years and always felt as if something was missing. You never satisfied me. I revolt against your weakness and your pacifism. Oakland comes the closest to anything real through out all of America. Answer fails at resistance and building a genuine resistance movement in North America. FAIL!
by Fatima from Afghans for Peace
Monday Sep 10th, 2012 1:17 PM
Well said Harun, what you said reflects the sentiments of many people we know from communities most affected by the US war of terror. If people are serious about doing solidarity work with our struggles, then they need to LISTEN to what we are sharing here.