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Hanford CA Slaughterhouse: Sick Suffering Animals.. Video From Compassion Over Killing
by Amplifier
Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2012 8:54 AM
At the Central Valley slaughterhouse, downed cows are kicked, beaten in order to have them upright for slaughter and therefore saleable.
Sick Animals In Slaughterhouses... Undercover Video Forces Government Action Edit

While the FBI and Republicans in the House and Senate jammed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act through Congress, wanting to protect actual terrorist butchers of animals from those working to protect animals, a new video of a California slaughterhouse, the Central Valley Meat Co. of Hanford, filmed by Compassion Over Killing, has caused the shutdown of the facility because the animals are obviously sick. In order to be able to slaughter them while they are alive (and therefore saleable), the workers kick, punch and beat them, as shown in the link below. It is not just animals but humans who are protected by exposure of slaughterhouse conditions. Animal rights activists are doing the job that the FDA, USDA, NIH and the CDC have neglected. Romney invested Bain Capital in many animal torture facilities.

Aug 2012