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Occupy Santa Rosa begins Organizing Drive
by Occupy Santa Rosa
Wednesday Aug 8th, 2012 6:52 PM
Occupy Santa Rosa launches a two-month Organizing Drive on August 21st to strengthen their efforts at building power for working people and the 99%.
Occupy Santa Rosa Announces "Occupy In Motion" Organizing Drive

Last year, Occupy Wall St. took the world by surprise; a spontaneous
popular uprising that demanded a new system for the 99%. Foreclosed
homes were defended, banks and ports were shut down, public spaces
occupied, thousands of people were radicalized, a national debate was
sparked, and strangers found each other in the democratic process that
is the lifeblood of this new movement. Now, nearly a year later,
Occupy Santa Rosa is attempting to harness the spontaneous energy of
this movement and channel it into a serious political force which will
win victories for working people and take power away from the 1%. This
is why we are launching “Occupy In Motion,” a two-month organizing
drive to reach out to hundreds of new people and strengthen our
campaigns for poor and working people, and against corporate rule of
the government and economy.

Starting on August 21st, we will be recruiting volunteers and
supporters to reach out to the community, circulate petitions,
organize protests, research our issues, build relationships with our
allies, and much more. This will culminate in mid-October. We are
relying on our community to step up and answer the call that was put
forth by Occupy Wall St. last September: Will you be a volunteer for
“Occupy In Motion” and be a part of winning concrete victories for the
99% in 2012?

Whether you can donate an hour of your time a week, or ten hours, we
are interested in bringing in new faces that are committed to changing
this system. We want to know what skills you can bring to this
movement, and what interests you have in participating. To volunteer
for “Occupy In Motion,” you can register here:

All volunteers will be invited to attend one of two Orientation
Sessions to get familiar with the Occupy movement and find out which
of our dozen Working Groups and Committees you would like to
participate in. These sessions will be: Tuesday, August 21st from
6-9pm at the Arlene Francis Center (99 W. Sixth St.). The second one
will be on Sunday, August 26th from 2-5pm at the Peace and Justice
Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave.

If you think you’d like to be a part of the Occupy In Motion
Organizing Drive, but not able to attend the Orientation Sessions,
please contact: Carl, 707-338-5318

We look forward to joining you and winning victories for working
people in 2012 and beyond.