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Domestic Violence Victims Left to Die by California Bar Association Attorneys
by Save This Girl
Tuesday Jul 17th, 2012 10:41 PM
Police, district attorneys refuse to help domestic violence victims and recommend civil actions. In civil actions the abusers are represented but no attorney in California will help victims in personal injury cases and victims are left to die or beg their batterers for mercy
In California, there is no justice for domestic violence victims. Authorities leave them to die. California attorneys refuse their cases. They are helpless. Batterers use violence to rob the savings of victims and then use that money to hire top attorneys to harass the victims and force them back into servitude.

Watch this video. How many times does the man threaten to kill his victim? Recognize the voices? Most members of the California Democratic Party and state executive branch will. The girl was the child star of the Democratic party. At 14, she founded the largest caucus within the California Democratic Party. She wrote the resolution calling for a paper trail when she was 11 years old and convinced leaders to grant Californians that paper trail that helped ensure your vote would be counted.

Each day when she was at home, she didn't know if her father would commit murder. She and the women in her family were held in fear, knowing that if they spoke out, someone would die.

Now the girl is a top student at UC Berkeley. Her life and future depend on getting a personal injury attorney who cares about domestic violence victims. She has been looking for years for such an attorney and has found none. She has spent her youth in service to the people of California. Now that she is in need, nobody is willing to be in service to her.

If there is an attorney with integrity in the State of California, there will be a comment with a referral to that attorney that can be forwarded to the girl. If there are no comments, that is news. A lack of referrals says that no member of the state bar cares. This lack of caring is consistent with what domestic violence victims across the state have already discovered. It will be no surprise to any woman who has been beaten bloody again and again by a man in California. This is a state where there is no justice for women.
§Liberal Activists Looking for One Honorable Attorney to Save Young Abuse Victim
by Activism from the Left Wednesday Jul 18th, 2012 9:04 PM
A race is on to save the future and life of a UC student as activists search to find one honorable attorney who is willing to help a domestic violence victim stop a violent criminal's reign of terror

Violent criminals have no difficulty finding attorneys willing to assist them in subjecting their victims to more violence and even deadly acts. Domestic violence victims are not so lucky. They cannot find attorneys to represent them. They are told to file actions in pro per. This is a deadly mistake that results in deaths daily.

One kind and generous girl who has helped others amidst the horrors of her own life is in danger of being forced to subject herself to the risk of violence and death once again. Her batterer tried to kill her with deadly weapons. He beat her and abused her. One of her relatives died and another has been told she may die from the complications. She has no other family to help. She escaped to the Bay area. Now the assailant has found a top criminal defense attorney to help him end the girl's freedom and rights. She has only a few days to find an attorney of her own to save her freedom and protect her rights.

A dedicated search by activists has not turned up one attorney so far with the integrity to help a domestic violence victim. This can be frustrating but activists hope there is one honorable attorney still out there that they have not found.

Time is of the essence. Anyone knowing of an attorney willing to save this girl needs to chime in. An attorney could get a ton of money off this case. The abuser is rich and powerful.
by Get Ready to Die
Wednesday Jul 18th, 2012 12:00 PM
42 women die every day because no attorney will represent them in civil cases against batterers. Shelters send women to their deaths by suggesting they file in pro per actions against batterers. Police encourage victims to file in pro per cases against batterers. That makes these organizations part of the reason so many women die.

Never file an in pro per case against a rich batterer - even if it means you have to run for your life. Under the legal system, a rich batterer can use the court system to have you arrested and jailed on bogus civil contempts or force you to come to him so he can kill you. This seems hard to believe but it's true. Women are dying every day and the State Bar of California is responsible.

If you see an attorney on the street, spit at him, realizing that many women died today because of his lack of integrity.