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UFCW Local 5's "Hidden Agenda"/ President Ron Lind Challenged by Roger Rivera!
by Rivera Supporter
Friday Jul 13th, 2012 11:05 AM
After ten (10) months of Negotiations out here in Northern California between (Raleys / Nob Hill), (SaveMart / Lucky), (Safeway / Vons) and UFCW Local’s 5, 8 and 648, our Union Leadership have announced that our first CONCESSIONARY CONTRACT will be with Savemart / Luckys.
Unfortunately for UFCW Local 5’s President Ron Lind and his PLAN to slide Local 5’s Nomination and Election of Officer’s under the radar during these Negotiations seems to have run into a problem.

UFCW Local 5's Notice Of Nominations For Election Of Officers for 2012

Clearly, President Lind and Local 5’s entire Executive Board’s main objective was to move their previously reported targeted Election Date from October 2012 (2011 LM2 Report), to June 2012 in hopes of securing a “white ballot” thus being able to declare victory on behalf of President Lind and the entire Executive Board BEFORE the CONCESSIOANRY CONTRACTS started hitting the streets.

Keeping in mind that UFCW Local 5 had to finalize and submit their 2011 information for their LM2 Report early in 2012.

Now check out Item #19. and the DATE that UFCW Local 5 filed in their DOL LM2 Report for the date of their next regular election of officers.

19. What is the date of the labor organization's next regular election of officers? 10/2012

Department of Labor (DOL) Website To Obtain LM2 Reports:

UFCW Local 5's DOL LM2 File No. 543-632

But wait, as we said earlier, President Lind’s Plan seems to have run into a problem.

Looks like President Lind ( Slick Willy ) will have Roger Rivera, a Union Representative currently employed with UFCW Local 5, will be challenging President Ron Lind for the Presidency at Local 5!

Mr. Rivera seems to have already started his campaign with the following Flyers being passed out to the Members throughout Local 5’s jurisdiction.

Based on the content of these flyer’s it appears that “some” of Local 5’s staff may not approve of these CONCESSIONARY CONTRACTS that our Local Union Leader’s are so willing to give to their Employer Buddies!

Flyer 1

Flyer 2

Based on our curiosity concerning President Lind’s Salary during his Presidency at UFCW Local 5 we did some research.

Here are the LM2 Salary Comparisons for President Ron Lind from 2004 to and including 2011.

Here is the DOL Website Link to obtain LM2 Reports:

UFCW LOCAL 428 - FILE # 027-504
UFCW LOCAL 5 ---- FILE # 543-632

Note: Since we do not know the specific policy as it pertains to each individual’s expenses, allowances, etc., we will be using their “total amount” of monies listed on each of their LM2 Report.

Please refer to each individual’s respective yearly LM2 report for their “detailed amount” of allowances, disbursements, etc.

We apologize in advance for any inadvertent errors or omissions and the applicable LM2 Report for each individual shall govern.

2011 = UFCW Local 5 ---- President Ron Lind = $193,887.00
2010 = UFCW Local 5 ---- President Ron Lind = $188,534.00
2009 = UFCW Local 5 ---- President Ron Lind = $184,061.00
2008 = UFCW Local 5 ---- President Ron Lind = $177,332.00
2007 = UFCW Local 5 ---- President Ron Lind = $162,199.00
2006 = UFCW Local 428- President Ron Lind = $121,250.00
2005 = UFCW Local 428- President Ron Lind = $113,115.00
2004 = UFCW Local 428- President Ron LInd = $108,468.00

Note: UFCW Local 5 became effective 1-1-07.

President Ron Lind also receives a $20,000.00 dollar a year stipend from the UFCW I.U. as a I.U. V.P., in addition to his yearly salary he receives from UFCW Local 5.

It would appear that " Slick Willy " / Ron Lind isn't so slick after all.

Any UFCW Local 5 member wanting to support Roger Rivera's run for the Local 5 Presidency please print and get linked flyers into stores and workplaces in the UFCW Local 5 jurisdiction.

You can also contact Roger Rivera at rriveraufcw5 [at] or (408) 981-9776