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Save Mart Workers Attacked by UFCW’s “Person of the Year”!
by GW 99%
Wednesday Jun 27th, 2012 11:08 AM
This past week Save Mart/Lucky workers were devastatingly ATTACKED by UFCW's Person of the Year
Senior Clerks with up to 25 years seniority had their wages slashed by $5.00 an hour . For most of these workers this attack by Save Mart’s corporate will mean being able to pay the mortgage or rent! How many of these workers my lose their homes because of Save Mart’s greed? How many of these worker's children will suffer because UFCW’s person of the year had to have more for himself?

This action by Save Mart’s CEO Bob Piccinini is no different then the assault on the American people by the Bank Cartel . It’s no doubt that many of these workers will lose their homes due to Save Mart’s greed.

Let’s do the math! $5.00 an hour x 40 = 200 x 4 = $800. That’s a mortgage or a monthly rent!

What about those workers that are “part time” only guaranteed 24 hours a week? What will become of them?

These workers union have said they’ve “filed a grievance” on behalf of these workers affected, but how affective do you really think that will be? Remember, the UFCW named Save Mart’s Bob Piccinini their 2009 Person of the year . Does anyone really think that this “filed grievance” will go anywhere?

Meanwhile as UFCW’s Person of the year was devastating the lives of his unionized work force Save Mart was wining & dinning their stores managers at the Save Mart sponsored NASCAR race .

How contradictory, Save Mart claims poverty during contract negotiations, devastates their workers with an $5.00 an hour “wage cut” before a contract is even agreed upon, but has millions to throw away on a NASCAR race and to wine & dine their management?

If this doesn’t outrage workers at the Save Mart/Lucky stores to mobilize into some sort of action against Save Mart’s greed what will?

Putting any faith in UFCW's “grievance procedure” is suicide!

Workers must take collective direct action on their own to try and defeat Save Mart's attacks.

Here’s a few ideas that Save Mart/Lucky workers may want to consider.

1) Start getting out the following leaflet in mass to stores letting your management know that you are ready and willing to strike!

2) All workers affected by the $5.00 an hour wage cut need to stand in front of their stores, in their uniforms before or after their shift with cardboard signs saying "will work for food" This should drive the point home to the public what your up against! Have a letter/leaflet printed and ready letting customers know why your out there.

You must be willing to expose Save Marts greed to the public! With the steady loss of jobs and declining standard of living for the 99% the public should understand and stand behind you.

3) Sign the UFCW petition

4) Research and find out where Save Mart’s CEO Bob Piccinini will be doing any kind of public events and follow him with flying pickets where ever he goes. Find out where he lives and picket/leaflet his neighborhood. Our research shows that Bob Piccinini may indeed own property at 2987 17 Mile Dr. Pebble Beach, CA

If you go to this web site and put in Bob Piccinini’s name you’ll find many other property addresses and phone numbers associated with Save Mart’s Bob Piccinini.

To do nothing an let Save Mart get away with this attack on workers will be financial suicide for workers!

Save Mart/Lucky workers must organize, mobilize and come together and lead an all out fight back against Save Marts attack on their living standards. If not the greed from Save Mart’s corporate won’t stop at $5.00 an hour wage cuts.

The question is what will Save Mart take next and how low are you willing to go as workers?

Organize and fight back!

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