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New hacker megazine "ZiP" seeks wild-card collaborators
by gl@m0rtr@mp
Monday Jun 4th, 2012 9:21 PM
ZiP, a defiantly disorderly quasi-quarterly panthology of hackadelic variegation based at Noisebridge hackerspace in the Mission, wants to bring new talents aboard to help take it to the next level.
ZiP is a recently launched megazine -- i.e., collaborative fairly high-end, 60-page indie periodical -- based out of Noisebridge hackerspace in the Mission District. ZiP originally stood for "Zine in Progress" but is now a recursive acronym that stands for "ZiP is Postretrofuturistic." Soon it will stand for something else that may not even make sense in English; that's how ZiP rolls. ZiP's first issue, "7DC," was released on Valentine's Day of this year. ZiPv2, "Anarchy Enema," followed in April and has garnered significant attention for features like "One Hour Alone with Richard Stallman" and....whatever the second-most-popular article was. A number of esteemed indie distros in SF already carry ZiP; among them Modern Times, Dog-Eared Books and Needles & Pens.

Head ZiPPer Whimzy (aka the Whimsical Wizard of ZiP, or WWZ) wants new hacker/zinester collaborators to come on board to help envision & prepare ZiP03 for release in July, and hopefully to become a long-term ZiPPer. We can't pay you now; we may never be able to pay you. ZiP is a labor of love. Three contributors paid for the extremely limited print run of 100 copies of ZiP02 out of their own pockets. We are seeking funding & donations as well as a new printer, so things could change, but right now, if you can't or won't do it for the love of creation & thrill of helping start something unique (oddball blend of computer programming nerd + non-dogmatic anarchist/squatter activist + queerfab + lit rag + San Francisco/Bay Area + cyberspace + D&D + Code Hero + Jargon File + DIY cookbook), don't bother replying.

A warped sense of humor doesn't hurt, either. SOME sense of humor is an absolute necessity.

Check out the current chapter & find other info at the link below and if you like what you see & think you've got a voice to add to our cute but off-kilter choir, zap us with an email & pour forth your mellifluous soulmusic, that we may hear you & be enchanted!

§cover of ZiP02
by gl@m0rtr@mp Monday Jun 4th, 2012 9:21 PM
Advance Praise for ZiP02 from America's Least Important Critics!