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Save Upper Campus: LAFCO Public Hearing + Walk for Wildness & Water
Date Wednesday June 06
Time 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Location Details
Santa Cruz County Building
701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz CA
Room 525
Event Type Meeting
Join us on June 6th to form a powerful presence on behalf of the forest and our collective future! The public hearing on UCSC expansion will be followed by a 5-mile walk to the UCSC forest--IF a decision is reached permitting development in Upper Campus.


Santa Cruz County Building - 701 Ocean St. / Room 525
Gather @ 9:30am, meeting starts at 10:00 a.m., 1/2 hour later than the customary time.

At this critical hearing, LAFCO (the Local Agency Formation Commission) is set to vote on one of two motions that would approve UCSC expansion while imposing conditions on the availability of water service to Upper Campus. The motion with stronger conditions is the significantly lesser of two evils, because it is likely to slow and complicate UCSC’s plans. Either way, these motions are a step forward for a destructive, unwise plan that needs to be stopped.

If LAFCO approves either motion, we will begin:


A 5-mile walk affirming our dedication to protecting the forests, water, and wild places that sustain our lives. We will remind the UCSC administration that destroying the unique ecological, cultural and educational landscape of Upper Campus will never be an acceptable option. The walk ends in the forest. Bring water & food!

UCSC’s Long Range Development Plan threatens to build on 240 acres of forest and chaparral habitat in Upper Campus, requiring over 250 million additional gallons of water per year from the already overextended Santa Cruz water supply - a threat to endangered fish populations in local streams and to the future of all who reside here.

For more information:
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§Stumps Don't Lie
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Stumps Don't Lie.

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by John E. Colby
Sunday Jun 3rd, 2012 8:23 AM
As a former undergraduate and graduate student who spent 15 years at UCSC, I feel particularly keen about preserving the upper UCSC campus. I have seen the campus grow from about 6,500 students in the mid 80s, to about 16,000 students in the late 00s.

UCSC has gone from being a small liberal arts university to become a major science centric research university. There were few graduate students when I was an undergraduate, while there is a major presence of graduate students now. For many departments, I fear the quality of education for undergraduates has suffered.

UCSC still retains some of its unique qualities. However they are quickly diminishing. UCSC has a poor infrastructure for further development. It should not expand anymore. It is large enough to perform its mission.

Bulldozing the beautiful, precious forests and meadows of the upper UCSC campus would be criminal. Enough is enough.

I signed the petition asking the UCSC administration to preserve the upper UCSC campus from development. They seem deaf to the pleas of the student body and the community. That's tragic.

LAFCO's public hearing may be our last, best hope to not only save the upper UCSC campus, but to save UCSC itself. I didn't come to Santa Cruz to attend UC Irvine or UC San Diego — I came for UC Santa Cruz. I hope LAFCO comes down on the side of preservation.