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May Day Creation: Rise Up Mural at Montgomery and Market, San Francisco
by Mayday Mayday
Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 7:27 AM
On a cool, sunny spring, May Day 2012 in San Francisco, accompanied by labor and peace songs played by a brass band, and a labor picket line, circling the intersection of Montgomery and Market, artists painted a glorious yellow and red sun with the words in English and Spanish, Rise Up/Levantese and 99% in the center, and lots of slogans and words, including love, on the yellow and red flames around the sun. This mural still stood at 6 p.m.
The Bay Guardian has the picture at:

THE STREET ART AND MUSIC SHOULD ALWAYS BE PART OF OUR DEMONSTRATIONS as they promote our labor culture sorely needed in this society and bring more supporters to our movement.

This hour and a half lunchtime long celebration of May Day of perhaps 1,000 people was preceded by 100 pickets at the Golden Gate Ferry at the Ferry Building by the Inland Boatmen's Union on strike and supporters that started at 5 a.m. The May Day events continued with an immigrants rights march in the Mission District. The Haymarket Martyrs were immigrants from Germany; immigrants have always been an integral part of workers' celebrations as labor is international. This immigrants rights march joined the janitors at Westfield Maill at 5th and Market, and then marched down Market Street to Montgomery.

Meanwhile, a group of Occupy protesters and friends came from the Ferry Building through the Financial District protesting the banks' foreclosures with signs and banners to Montgomery and Market for this glorious celebration.

After this lunchtime celebration, the May Day march proceeded to City Hall to protest Democratic Party election fraud mayor Lee's attacks on city workers and to take over a building nearby for the Occupy movement.

American labor has finally advanced to openly celebrating May Day and knowing what it is. The lie of the never existing American Dream has become apparent to most and the terror of the anti-Communist witchhunts cannot be easily perpetrated as there is no socialist world. Now labor must go on strike on May Day as we are faced with the choice of fight or starve.