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Oakland Police January 28th Hit List. Who Is on the OPD List for May Day?
by Dave Id
Tuesday May 1st, 2012 9:15 AM
27 Jan 12: List of Occupy Protesters known to incite, lynch or fight police

This document surfaced publicly a few days after Occupy Oakland January 28th Move-In Day. It has been copied and re-copied by a number of East Bay activists and lawyers, so a fair number of people are already familiar with it. The original source is unknown but it clearly appears to be a "hit list" of sorts that the Oakland police department was using to target individuals for arrest. Indeed, numerous witnesses reported seeing OPD officers carrying such a list around, referring to it as "the book," and several people on the list were snatched on J28 and in the following days. The document is filled with inaccurate information about the individuals listed, most egregiously -- and dangerously for those named -- is that they are all labelled as "known to incited, lynch or fight police." Now that OPD has proudly announced that they intend to use snatch squads at future Occupy demos, what lists are currently out there and who will be grabbed?

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(21-page PDF)

The document is provided here for illustrative purposes only as personally identifying information such as names, faces, full birth dates, and prisoner file numbers have been redacted to protect the innocent.