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Veterans and Activists of "Operation Recovery" Speak on Military Trauma
by Ed Rippy
Monday Apr 30th, 2012 2:17 PM
SAN FRANCISCO, 4/26/12 -- Many military members and veterans suffer from Military Sexual Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and/or Traumatic Brain Injury. The military sends them back into battle despite their wounds, and Operation Recovery is organizing to stop this. Video highlights: 19:41; complete audio: 1:44:39
When soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan the military medical system gives inadequate care, pushes improper diagnoses, and forces thousands of service members to leave the military with no care or benefits by pursuing punitive discharges for troops who really need medical and mental health care.

Fort Hood. Texas, the Army’s largest base has been hit especially hard with trauma. Regular and repeated deployments over the past 10 years have left soldiers there particularly vulnerable to traumatic injuries leading Fort Hood to have the highest suicide rate (22) by far over any other military instillation.

Veteran Organizers who have worked with active duty troops at Fort Hood as well as former Fort Hood soldiers will embark on the Right to Heal Tour, sharing the stories of the work happening at Fort Hood and our upcoming Summer Outreach Drive. Operation Recovery organizers will be out at Fort Hood all summer long meeting active duty troops, collecting testimonies, and building power to take on Fort Hood’s General Campbell and stop the violation of service members right to heal.
by Ed Rippy Monday Apr 30th, 2012 2:17 PM

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by brenda martinez
(brendamart [at] Monday Oct 22nd, 2012 4:21 PM
I am completely familiar with these scenarios. I have had two tours, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. I am suffering from PTSD and major depression. I was headed out to my third deployment and started experienceing even more problems during pre-deployment training. I made this known to my commander at the time and all he did was make fun of the suicide prevention class and dismiss my complaints. I have since then been charged with an article 15 for disrespecting this same officer and for drunkeness when I am on trazadone that i took on the night of the alleged charges. The next command that i was transferred to; because i was not allowed to Refrad and return to my home station for treatment; harrassed me even more and did not want to hear what i had to say in my defense. I'm currently waiting to get court-martialed for these same offenses.
I recieved word today that I will be allowed to go off post to receive the treatment services that are not offered here, I have been assigned to post since April of this year. I have had to in-patient stays in the local community, one sucide attempt that I did not disclose and I was stopped by a very good friend. My medication is finally starting to help. I went from one medication in April to five different medications to get me stable enough to deal with day-to-day life.
The Commanders are where the problems are, they have too much control over what a medical professional recommends. If I would have gotten treatment in April as recommended by the Behavorial Health professional then I would not have gone through and still am going through.