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Carol Brouillet Enters Race for Congress
by Jonathan Fluck (jonathanfluck [at]
Tuesday Apr 3rd, 2012 2:54 PM
Carol Brouillet, long time Palo Alto activist, is challenging Anna Eshoo for California’s 18th Congressional district. Ms. Brouillet co-founded the International Media Project, the Who’s Counting Project, and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance to connect people, vital ideas and important information to nurture healthy social change, economic justice, and ecological sustainability.

In the June 5th primary, Ms. Brouillet needs to come in either first or second to advance to the November election. “The Occupy Movement has shown us that ‘business as usual’ is not an option this election year. I am running to give voice to that movement and unseat a 20 year incumbent that has facilitated our downward spiral into perpetual war and financial ruin,” states Ms. Brouillet.

Ms. Brouillet is running as a Green Party candidate in a field that includes the Democratic incumbent, an insurgent Democrat who is a practicing attorney, and a Republican who is a software engineer. As a Green Party candidate, Ms. Brouillet takes no PAC money, in sharp contrast to her Democratic opponent, who receives over 40% of her campaign war chest from PACs. The top 20 leading contributors to the incumbent’s campaign are all corporations, lead by Gilead Sciences ($22,000), Oracle Corp. ($15,500), Johnson & Johnson ($15,000), and Hewlett-Packard ($14,172), according to the campaign’s December filing with the FEC. Not one union or broad-based membership organization is in the top 20 of her contributors as of December.

Analysis of prior primary elections suggest that Ms. Brouillet will need 35,000 votes to take the number two slot away from the Republican challenger, setting up a head-to-head contest with the Democratic incumbent in November. “This is an opportunity for progressives to press their issues,” continues Ms. Brouillet. “We know that Ms. Eshoo will receive almost twice as many votes as her closest opponent in the primary. That means it is impossible for me to be a ‘spoiler’ setting up a Republican win. In contrast, what a wonderful possibility to have a Green and a Democrat in a two-way race in November.”

Ms. Brouillet charges her opponent as being part of a cabal of Congress-persons that have stripped American citizens of their rights under both the Bush and Obama administrations, using 9/11 to expand a national security state into a global police state designed to enrich corporate interests at the expense of the vast majority of Americans.