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Sign the Petition for Trayvon Martin: Arrest the Killer George Zimmerman
by =
Thursday Mar 22nd, 2012 2:46 AM
The horror of racism in this backward country is again front and center with the 2/26/12 killing of an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, in Florida, by an obviously criminally insane self-appointed vigilante, George Zimmerman, who has not yet been arrested for obvious murder, and the lack of notification of next of kin of Martin's death until his relatives filed a Missing Person Report. Please sign the petition to the district attorney, attorney general, police chief and Attorney General Eric Holder to have George Zimmerman arrested.

This story was on Democracy Now on Tuesday, March 20, 2012. See, hear and read it at:
and in a column by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, at

This story was on the KPFA 6 p.m. evening news, 94.1 FM, every day this week.

A country that has a Shoot First, Ask Questions Later law, that apparently Florida and other states have, is a profoundly backward, fascist country. This is Nazi USA, and always has been from the time of the genocide of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans, and vicious exploitation of the labor of all of us, including child labor, to this day. You will notice that this latest horror is occurring with a black president in office, demonstrating that it makes no difference as to the color of the mouthpiece of the racism, anti-labor capitalist class. This is an obvious civil rights case and the US marshals could arrest George Zimmerman but have not done so. All the federal government is doing is an "investigation."

There are protests nationwide, but that is not enough. The petition has almost 1 million signatures, but in a country of 310,000,000 people, that is not enough. This story should be front and center on all news websites. The outrage must be heard and felt throughout this backward country so that the police state terrorism of the workingclass ends. Now is the time to get off the dime; sign the petition today.
by John Alfred
Wednesday Apr 11th, 2012 4:28 PM
In the United States, we have the American Justice System.....
It is obvious that a life was taken, the life of a 17 year old kid with skittles, and an Ice tea drink.
Now that a Prosecutor has put forth some effort to Arrest the Killer, George Zimmerman, and he
will have his day in court, and yes, Zimmerman will serve his time in Prison.
As I said earlier, Justice will and must be serve...........................

My Condolences to the Martin Family, and the Legacy of Trayvon Martin will Live on......

Equal Justice will not be onsided, it'll be for everyone....

Finally, this stand your ground law must be aborted....