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Fuck the Police 11

Saturday, March 10, 2012
7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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Rally in the little park at 19th and Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA




Note: The rally and march kickoff will be held at the park at 19th & Telegraph Ave. for the near future, because of so many people with stay away orders.

You know the drill by now -- we march, we yell, the pigs overreact.

Yet another new reason to march in solidarity and rage: the DA has been asking for, and receiving, unconstitutional stay-away orders on key people involved in Occupy Oakland, whether or not they were arrested at Oscar Grant Plaza, they are not allowed to go within 300 yards of Oscar Grant Plaza.

Think about this for a minute -- they can't go to city hall -- a public space -- in their own city, whether they were arrested there or not, whether they allegedly committed any violent crime or not, simply to quash their right to free assembly and protest.

Fuck the police and the District Attorney. Remove the DA from office by any legal means necessary. The DA violates the highest law of the land to protect the interests of the monied players in Oakland, those corporate leeches that sit on the president's circle of the Chamber of Commerce.


This event is being called by the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee. It will continue weekly.

The Tactical Action Committee was approved by Occupy Oakland's GA to perform autonomous actions at their discretion. In that sense it is not an "official" Occupy Oakland event, in the sense that it was not directly, but indirectly, approved through the GA.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you identify as peaceful and are likely to interfere with the actions of your fellow protestors in any way (including telling them to stop performing a particular action, grappling, assaulting or holding them for arrest), you may not want to attend this march. This is a militant, radical march that respects diversity of tactics. NV folks are welcome, but it must be understood that this is not a standard peaceful protest -- whatever that means.

For example, this is a Fuck the Police march. We yell "Fuck the Police" a lot. Telling people not to yell fuck at the police because it might hurt their feelings or is violent towards them is not respecting diversity of tactics.

As another example, some people might pull trash cans or other barricades into the streets to protect the marchers at the rear. This is a defense tactic and is not violent.

If you see someone performing an action that makes you uncomfortable, do not interfere, just move away. There is probably a very good reason they are doing what they are doing and you may simply not be aware of what the reason is -- and in the middle of the action is not the time to discuss it. If they are doing something illegal, it is their choice to risk arrest, not a participant's job to do the police's work for them.

The police are paid to do that stuff. They're itching to do it, which is why they follow the march so closely. Our job is to march and exercise our First Amendment rights. Let everyone protest in their own way without interference from within. Solidarity.

FTP March, Iteration 11, March 10, 2012


The Oakland Police Department has harassed and brutalized Occupy Oakland and participants in the vigil. Camps and liberated foreclosed buildings have been raided and shut down. OOers at the vigil have been arrested for as little as standing nearby when the police decide to raid, all the way up to the ridiculous charge of lynching. People have been physically assaulted by those supposed to protect and serve, but only do so in the interests of the 1%.

With dozens of our comrades having been arrested in the past months, and culminating in the city's revocation of the vigil's permit and the immediate threat of another police raid to clear the plaza, the time has come to rise up and let them know what we think of them and that we will no longer meekly accept their violations of our civil and human rights.

This event will be held weekly. Spread the word, send the invite, join us as we march in solidarity against police repression.

Rally at 7:00 pm
March at 9:00 pm

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