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#FTP March in Solidarity w/ Occupy Oakland, Occupy Denver and others!
by Psilocybanon (pokemon4ftp [at]
Monday Feb 27th, 2012 3:25 PM
FTP March report for Saturday, 2/25/2012

Video, 00:01:33; 79 Mb

The march started; as the clock struck 4:20, the first sign was held. It said "Fuck tha Police" on one side and on the other, "Sociopathic Governments SUCK". The walk was a total of 30 minutes - once up and down Pacific Ave. From the moment I held the sign up, I got massive attention. Cars were slowing down, necks were being craned and cameras were rolling. I also got a lot of "right-on"'s and nods of approval. Only one person out of the fifty+ who responded did so negatively: a sarcastic, "oh, THAT's necessary" was all.

On my way back, a cop pulled up beside me. I reached to my side, slowly so I wouldn't be attacked, and pulled out a video recorder. I held it on him and kept walking - sign in one hand; camera in the other.

He moved forward when I pointed the camera at him, and pretended that he was leaving. When he encountered any where that he could stop, it seemed like he did. I heard a scream of "fuck the police!" from somewhere to my right.

I reached the crossroad and stood up and held the sign high. I crossed the street away from and then in front of the "police" man. It was then, when he thought I was walking away in front of him, then (immediately after this video), he pulled over and got out. He walked within the crowd where I spotted him when I purposely spun around too fast for him to react without my awareness; he ducked under a store awning and assumed a position of innocence.

This is when I turned a corner, tore off my mask and shoved it in my backpack, and put on a hat that would fully cover my hair. I ran right in front of a cop while crossing the street (after I had changed) and thought I was busted; it wasn't the one.

I walked up the road, caught a bus and gtfo'd.

MISSION STATUS: successful (imo): got the word across to over a hundred people, and wasn't identified.

I'm considering future action(s), probably every Saturday, and am open for discussion regarding that.

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by Loki
Monday Feb 27th, 2012 8:15 PM
This video is from where?
by .l
Monday Feb 27th, 2012 9:30 PM
for reference, this has to be one of the most biased stories I've seen this week. Channel 7 exclusively embedded with the police. The story about throwing urine is false.

then this article in the sidebar describes two male deputies raping their captain, and the department trying to hush it up
by OP
Wednesday Feb 29th, 2012 2:12 PM
Santa Cruz, CA