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Barium links chem-trailing to the people zapper as form of remote crowd control
by 7ogic 3om3
Tuesday Feb 21st, 2012 6:09 PM
Chem-trails in Oakland and Alameda last week were followed by use of people zapper. Not surprising as Barium--often found in high levels in areas after chem-trailing is done--is a potent catalyst in the generation of plasma used to zap nervous systems for laser accurate, remote crowd control. The highly censored peoplezapper.pdf is attached.

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The people zapper is an electronic weapon developed for crowd control. It targets the nervous system and can be calibrated to make the targets experience various sensations, like being burned by fire or acid, freezing, extreme nausea, fatigue, confusion, etc. The weapon leaves no physical marks, so is the perfect weapon for torture. Even better, the plasma used to zap people is generated by a laser mounted from a plane or spacecraft, and its accuracy is as accurate as the laser.

The attached document is a highly censored declassified document contracting further research on the people zapper as a non-lethal weapon for crowd control.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, and is basically ionized gas that is extremely hot and can become viscious under intense heat. The laser is used to aim and to generate the plasma out of the surrounding gas. Barium, it turns out, is highly suited for this, and so filling the atmosphere with Barium--which is what chem-trailing does--would be the necessary step before zapping away.

With 30,000 military drones now being transitioned to fly over civilian airspace at home, the threat of people zapping, funny as it may sound, is quite serious. The night sky in Oakland has become noticeably busy since December; the drones are noticeable in that they look smaller than one would expect flying at low altitudes. If you're like me, you also can tell its a drone because it follows you everytime you leave the house.

On Friday, chem-trails appeared in Oakland and Alameda. If you felt as if you were being cooked in a microwave, felt burning points on your head, had sudden inexplicable bursts of rage, despair, anxiety, exhaustion, etc, this could be the culprit.