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An important former CA gubernatorial candidate's ballot statements
by Repost
Sunday Feb 12th, 2012 12:09 PM
Where might we be today if Peter Camejo had been elected instead . . .
Peter Miguel Camejo

As Governor, I will stop the cutbacks in education and health care. I will balance the budget by establishing a fair tax structure, and ending government waste. Over the last five years California needed $270 billion from State revenue sources to maintain a balanced budget. California received $305 billion, enough for a huge surplus. Instead we ended with a massive deficit caused by incompetence, waste and corruption. Clinics, schools and programs for the handicapped, elderly, and children are being closed. These facilities were open six years ago when State revenues were only $48 billion dollars. Today at $63 billion in revenues we are shutting down services. Our taxes are unfair. Corporations used to pay 14% of California's income, now they pay 7% and minimal property taxes. The poorest 20% in California pay 11.3% of their income in state and local taxes while the richest 5% pay only 7.6%. California is 20th and 33rd for tax rates and property taxes. If the rich paid the same rate as the poor and we closed tax loopholes, there would be no deficit. I stand for: renewable energy, single payer universal health care, pro-choice, saving our ancient forests, legal marriage and drivers licenses for all, a living wage, affordable housing, instant run off elections (IRV), the UN Charter, the World Court and our Bill of Rights. I stand against: the death penalty, three strikes, racial profiling, the Patriot Act, wars of conquest, nuclear weapons and the racist Proposition 54. Vote Green!

California’s budget crisis exists only because of tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Today the poorest Californians pay a tax rate 57% higher than millionaires. See People are becoming fed up with the needless war, unfair taxes, cutbacks, corruption, global warming, the decline of our schools, violations of civil liberties, the death penalty, three strikes, and weakening of women’s rights. While our economy has more than doubled, the minimum wage has declined since 1968 from $9.40 to $6.75, and ninety percent of our people have had no rise in income in thirty years. The two corporate parties’ answer is to beat up on immigrants and promote wars over oil. These issues are covered in detail in my new book, California Under Corporate Rule. African Americans and Latinos are increasingly voting for us. Just watch the internal debate and confusion among the Democrats. I believe our slogan, a Million Votes for Peace, is realistic. We are working to grow and transform our party into a party of the people of California. Join us, check out our web sites. Let’s keep our party independent of the Democrats by voting for Greens committed to keeping the Green Party Green for our county council seats.
See (2006)*/

California is the world’s fifth largest economy, producing at record levels, yet our state budget is billions in the red. Inflation adjusted, our minimum wage is lower than in 1968. Only 4% of our ancient forests remain. Corruption is growing. Our energy policy is a disaster. Our educational system is in sharp decline. Corporate money dominates our political system. Defending our environment and social justice will provide the best economic results, as the figures prove in my new book on socially responsible investing, The SRI Advantage. Democrats and Republicans are running only men. The Green slate includes three women, four men, and three different racial groups, reflecting today’s California. We offer real solutions: Dramatic expansion of renewable energy. No offshore drilling. Universal health care. Promote affordable housing. Pass a living wage. Provide gays and lesbians full rights including marriage. Defend family planning and pro-choice. Lower classroom size, empower teachers, end the counterproductive testing mania. End spoiling of elections through Instant Runoff Voting, public financing, and clean election laws. Abolish the death penalty and Three Strikes.
Decriminalize marijuana. Create a minimum car insurance program and provide hard-working immigrants with amnesty and driver’s licenses. Stop all racial profiling, including Muslims and Arabs. Support the World Court. Peace, democracy, and social justice will help end terrorism. The major parties are soft on corporate crime. The Greens want a society based on the rule of law, environmental protection, and social justice. They represent the past, Greens the future. Vote Green. (2002)