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Fuck The Police 6
Date Saturday February 04
Time 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM
Location Details
14th And Broadway, Oscar Grant Plaza, Oakland, CA
Event Type Protest
Take our pigs for a walk. They need the exercise. And it only costs the city $50K a week!

*** This event is being called by the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee. It will continue weekly.

The Tactical Action Committee was approved by Occupy Oakland's GA to perform autonomous actions at their discretion. In that sense it is not an "official" Occupy Oakland event, in the sense that it was not directly, but indirectly, approved through the GA.***

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you identify as peaceful and are likely to interfere with the actions of your fellow protestors in any way (including telling them to stop performing a particular action, grappling, assaulting or holding them for arrest), you may not want to attend this march. This is a militant, radical march that respects diversity of tactics. NV folks are welcome, but it must be understood that this is not a standard peaceful protest -- whatever that means.

FTP March, Iteration 6, February 4, 2012


The Oakland Police Department has harassed and brutalized Occupy Oakland and participants in the vigil. Camps and liberated foreclosed buildings have been raided and shut down. OOers at the vigil have been arrested for as little as standing nearby when the police decide to raid, all the way up to the ridiculous charge of lynching. People have been physically assaulted by those supposed to protect and serve, but only do so in the interests of the 1%.

With dozens of our comrades having been arrested in the past months, and culminating in the city's revocation of the vigil's permit and the immediate threat of another police raid to clear the plaza, the time has come to rise up and let them know what we think of them and that we will no longer meekly accept their violations of our civil and human rights.

This event will be held weekly. Spread the word, send the invite, join us as we march in solidarity against police repression.

Wear black
Bring shields if you are able and willing
This week: bring flash lights

Rally at 7:00 pm
March at 9:00 pm

Added to the calendar on Friday Feb 3rd, 2012 6:52 AM

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by G
Friday Feb 3rd, 2012 11:46 AM
Tactical action committee. Hah. Engaging in weekly tussles with OPD does not increase our power, materially or ideologically. It's a pretty great way of wasting activist energies and alienating huge swathes of people we should be reaching out to. Given that the 'tactical action' on Saturday involved blindly leading us to a building we had NO chance of taking over, either in order to provoke police confrontation or because the move-in committee was naive enough to seriously think we could take a landmark public building in a frontal assault, I wouldn't trust this committee to put on the kettle, let along make key strategic decisions about where our movement is going.
by Clarence Smith
Friday Feb 3rd, 2012 8:49 PM
How are weekly battles with the police going to achieve the Occupy Wall Street movement's goals? How does that improve America? This is petty and pointless. The civil rights movement of the '60s won because it was persistent, peaceful, and massive and did not stoop to the tactics of the bullying police.
by Aaron Aarons
Friday Feb 3rd, 2012 8:59 PM
There were violent uprisings in most major cities in the sixties. And there were armed self-defense groups like the Deacons for Defense, the Black Panthers and many others. The ruling-class media liked to pretend that the (limited) gains of the 'Civil Rights Movement' were due to the non-violent part of that movement, since they wanted to discourage real Black rebellion.
by Konsider
Friday Feb 3rd, 2012 9:25 PM
In all marches and movements in the past there have been various people who have done stuff like break windows and write graffiti, do you really think that incessantly complaining about this, is going to make such people go away? Or do you think that we should purge the movement of such violent elements? Unfortunately such a position is taken among all too many people.
Saturday Feb 4th, 2012 3:50 PM
I could understand if the history of American resistance was mainly violent and failed to change the system since the 60's but it's the other way around.

Let's be fair by giving a fair analysis of the situation because we are not being honest to the world or our selves. You cannot make the case for peaceful resistance as a solution if it has been tried in mass ever since Vietnam and everybody is still in the same situation with U.S. wars for Imperialism and police keep getting more controlling and brutally oppressive to calm everybody who shakes their fists at the government .

Somethings got to change here. And WE are the ones who need to change. Our whole mindset is stuck on Gandhi and Martin Luther King. That shit will never work and if it does, why did the peace movement die right after their assassination? You're just afraid of your government and admit it. Our methods of old peaceful resistance is failing right before our eyes and we are too frightened to deal with this situation and look the other way all the time because we will do anything to avoid conflict with the state. Nobody with a home and a job is ready for revolution. Let's be honest with our selves. American people have always been sheeple and have always pretended that pacifism was a huge success to solve their problems in order to avoid conflict with the army and the longer we wait, the more powerful the state. That's why the system is still here today and is more oppressive than ever. Somebody has to speak the truth around here. This is your WAKE UP CALL!

The majority of social, political and economic justice movements have always been peaceful most of the time and still we have war with out end, labor exploitation, genocide against the 3rd world, environmental degradation, centralization of power in financial/government institutions , increasing incarceration, mass targeting of poor people of color, police brutality and repression of dissent and when is it ever going to end? When is police brutality ever going to be condemned by the media so much that they stop? NEVER! When are we going to fight back? When we stop condemning one another over TACTICS. The power is in our hands. When are we ever going to be free? WHEN THERE ARE NO MORE POLICE! How? WE FIGHT BACK IN MASS IN THE STREETS AND WIN!

When we are forced by our own fellow comrades with in the middle class ranks to act civil as the CAPITALIST GOVERNMENT is stealing away our future, WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT MUST BE DEALT WITH IN A VERY SERIOUS MANNER! People telling one another how to conduct them selves in a situation like ours is a typical American sheep reaction. People have jobs and homes in other countries and still fight back against their government and the police. The underclass is being repressed by the American middle class who feel they have too much to lose to act. Not only too much too lose but they are scared shitless thanks to FOX, NBC, CNN and all the usual suspects! The middle class mass wants to save capitalism because it benefits them too much to side with the poor and fight against it and its repressive police state. That is the situation we are in that no one wants to talk about.

The interests of the middle class mass have always come first throwing the poor under a bus and that shows BIG TIME in the OCCUPY movement with all the bickering over VIOLENCE VS. PACIFISM AND REFORM VS. REVOLUTION! We are not the 99% goddamnit. We are divided by class interests and that's the FUCKING TRUTH OF THE MATTER. We are not in this together. Everyone just says they are while the status of the middle fights for it self first behind the scenes. Part of that fight means going against the interests of the revolutionary who wants to see an end to this oppressive capitalist government slave system. It means that our minds are no longer dictated by our selves but by a 24 hour mass propaganda machine that tells us to calm down and just go to work everyday to keep the wealth trickling up the money pyramid. When is this going to end? When are we going to get it together?

The only thing waiting ever did through out all these years was give the bankers and authority time to gain more money and power at our expense. That doesn't make us stronger. It makes us weak. That means more defenseless against this system. We ought to be ashamed of our selves for allowing this to happen. We should have gotten it together long time ago and gotten way more militant and organized to defend our selves. We are systematically under attack 24/7. We are so easily manipulated by the mass media to conform and it's so easy to forget that because it hurts too much to remember so we put it in the back of our heads just to live with our selves but deep down inside we live in humiliation. This humiliation has to end and it starts with you getting really mad and taking matters into your own hands with your comrades for something bigger than your home and your job and your own self.

The only brave men and women who are going to fight this system in the end are the poor underclass who have run out of time and patients. The number of unemployed although not reflected in the official government unemployment rate, continues to grow. We are some where near 22% unemployment. That is the unofficial unemployment rate for the United States. That's a big fucking number. That is enough people to have a real "Tahrir Moment" in many cities across the united state.

Politicians and the state love peaceful protests and peaceful protesters. It gives the ones who are in power total control of the situation so the social order of business as usual will not be interrupted and independence from their rule never sees the light of day. I despise anybody who tells me how to conduct myself at a protest because I'm not here to protest. I'm here for direct action to stop this fucked up system. This is not a time to be intellectual with our words and spend time reading and writing books as the days go by and everybody gets older. This is a time for rage in the streets over what they have done to all of us and the planet.

The rich and the powerful love your procrastination. I do not feel like i'm a part of this system. I feel alienated by it. I feel used. This system fails miserably when it comes to providing peoples needs or addressing poor peoples concerns. A system that produces this much inequality >capitalism has got to be inherently evil. It puts too much emphasis on the rich and the middle class just caters to it all day long and the poor get nothing but the crumbs left behind. The situation is fucked.

Enough is Enough.


by Finger Wagger
Saturday Feb 4th, 2012 6:09 PM
What have been the RESULTS so far? How close are we to revolution over the few weeks of FTPing the fuck outta the streets of Oakland? Do we have more or less people out at Occupy than before? On Nov 2, there were 20,000+ from all walks of life coming in support of Occupy Oakland because PEACEFUL protestors were attacked by police on Oct 25th.... but what about now? Where are they now?

The left hasn't failed because of their lack of fighting spirit nor was it their peaceful goals. The left (during the 60s) failed because of their lack of recognition of clandestine activities within their movement and groups. Intelligence agents of the state manufacture their own groups and failed strategies for people to follow to their demise. And that is what's happening to Occupy Oakland right now.

Here's the FTPer's strategy of massive direct action coupled with a "diversity of tactics":
1)provoke the police into attacking.
2) run away while comrades get arrested
3) repeat

Where's the "dearresting" some of you insist is going on? How many were "dearrested" when everyone got kettled at the YMCA? All I've seen is bottle throwing and running away. It's a shit "tactic" in Palestine and its a shit tactic in Oakland cuz in the end, we'll get our asses handed to us as it was on jan 28 at the Y.

There is no winning strategy. It's a losing strategy that gets people arrested and shut down. The poor by definition cannot fight because they do not have the resources to win a WAR. "Black bloc"/FTPers are advocating an open war against an enemy that's well equipped and highly trained and our comrades have little resources or training to WIN A WAR.

FTP marches has nothing to do with winning and destroying capitalism. It's all about getting us shut down. It's PROVOCATION. An act of PROVOCATION is what intelligence operatives do when they want to shut you down. They manufacture a crisis where it gives the powers-that-be a good justification for using their brutal weaponry against us. The FTP marches are a classic intelligence provocation.

FTP marches appeals to those with little experience in the real world but lots of anger ready to be directed at something. FTP marches capitalize on that ignorance. The result is getting new activists arrested and shut down before they can even learn how to to actually organize to win.

Note how the FTP marches is used to divide the occupy movement and marginalize occupiers in the eyes of the public. Note how the unemployed are being pitted against the employed. union vs. non-union. Middle-class vs. poor. Radical vs. peaceful. Divide and conquer.
by Earthflag
Sunday Feb 5th, 2012 6:43 PM
You want peaceful activists to admit they are afraid of government, that may be the case as there is reason to be. Maybe FTP should admit they just like breaking shit. (Which is way cooler than admitting fear when you yourself say you've been victimized).

"People telling one another how to conduct them selves in a situation like ours is a typical American sheep reaction." Then why are you doing it? Telling your fellow Occupiers not to interfere with your definition of protest when it interferes with their safety and their tactics? Every other Occupy in the world is dedicated to peaceful action, if you want to start an action, and tell peaceful members to stay away, then maybe its time this group branches off from Occupy.

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