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Contact the Independent Monitor re OPD Riot on January 28, 2012
by watcher
Thursday Feb 2nd, 2012 4:47 PM
A report was recently released by the Independent Monitor for the Court Order that the Oakland Police Department has been under since the "Riders" case in 2003. The Monitors specifically stated in their report that they were very concerned about OPD's response to Occupy Oakland and will be doing an indepth report on it in their next quarterly report which covers the period of September to the end of December; that report should come out around April/May.
U.S. Federal Judge Thelton Henderson is threatening to put the Oakland Police Department into federal receivership if they do not fully comply with the Court's Order.

Attorney Jim Chanin, who is a civil rights attorney and is one of the lawyers who brought the class action "Riders" case, suggested that people involved with O.O. contact the monitors and tell them about their experiences with OPD. Anyone can contact the monitors about their experiences with OPD, not just occupiers.

The monitors will be in Oakland sometime this month to observe OPD.

Contact information for the monitors:

Robert S. Warshaw
Independent Monitor
Office of the Independent Monitor
Police Performance Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 396, Dover, NH 03821-0396
Tel: 603-749-2435