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Contract on Corporate America with W. David Kubiak

Thursday, February 02, 2012
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Event Type:
Radio Broadcast
Carol Brouillet
Location Details:
Radio Show

W. David Kubiak has been challenging corporate America for decades. He concludes that corporations are super-organisms threatening humanity and the Earth. Activists are the immune system and that we have much to learn from nature about how to shrink down these super-organisms to reduce their power and ability to destroy us. Kubiak will be a guest on the Community Currency radio show on the Progressive Radio Network, hosted by local activist Carol Brouillet, on Thursday, February 2, 2012.

Hear W. David Kubiak from 2 pm to 3 pm (PST), Thursday, February 2, 2012 on Community Currency on the Progressive Radio Network addressing his idea of The Contract on Corporate America" to the 99%, the Occupy Movement, to help them map out and define the biggest challenge to humanity and how a broad, diverse, decentralized, creative, empowered coalition can successfully reduce corporate power and size, using a multitude of approaches and tactics.

W. David Kubiak has a unique, impressive bio, spanning three distinctly different cultures - the US, Japan, and India. For well over a decade, he has focused on the problem posed by giant corporations, their threat to humanity and the Earth. Big problems call for "Big Medicine," a non-profit think tank focused on "the corporate takeover of our countries, cultures and consciousness" which he founded in 2000.

Born in the US, he majored in psychology, philosophy and pre-med studies, and served in the Peace Corps' first South Korea rural health program until 1970. He then moved to Kyoto, Japan where he studied Eastern medical theory, taught media studies, ran underground event spaces, and worked as an activist journalist. He is married, has three children, and divides his time between Kyoto, Kennebunkport, Maine, and Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Besides provocative publicity stunts like attacking Japanese yakuza gangs, running for Kyoto mayor, or winning the Democratic Vice-Presidential contest in the 2000 New Hampshire Primary, he is best known for his metamedical approach to eco-social illls and activism. Inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, James Grier Miller, Ken Reiner and Eastern medical lore, Kubiak has used media, conferencing and electoral politics to publicize memes for "Big Body" (mega-corporate) disease, immuno-activism, industrial anthroculture, and the transformative powers of human attention.

Once described by Whole Earth Review as "one of the most interesting minds on the planet", Kubiak depicts our era as the endgame in an evolutionary contest between sensual human communities and "Big Bodies", vast corporate entities, which he describes as "alive, in charge and out of control." He argues that insights from superorganisms, living systems theory, and immune cell biomimicry may offer more effective remedies than traditional political activity and that downsizing, decentralizing and democratizing "big bodies" across the board are our only hope of regaining democracy, planetary health or evolutionary control.

His recent writings include- The Belittle Big Bodies Banzai: A Year-End OWS Salute and Immune Key to 2012 and The Contract on Corporate America", Green Tea* 2012 Campaign Pledge to the 99% - with a tip of the hat to the '94 GOP and the devious Dr. Newt which includes-

As the once and future sovereign 99% of the United States of America we propose to not just reclaim our government from corporate usurpations, but even more importantly, to rescue our children, communities and natural world from their cancerous growth and inhuman scale.

That is why, in this era of corporate coin-operated politics, we offer instead a self-fulfilling strategy for eco-social transformation that citizens can execute themselves in the next few years.

2012 offers a chance after five decades of corporate encroachment and dominion to finally expose this coup and inspire countless citizens to confront it without fear. This historic change would end the reign of morbidly huge bodies that promote autocratic values, addictive consumption, and the heedless destruction of cultures, communities and ecosystems worldwide. Given our finite living world, any entities striving for endless growth regardless of consequences are quite literally cancerous and must be combated like tumors before they kill our body politic and consume the biosphere. This battle can renew us as a nation that respects basic human rights, social justice and the sanctity of the natural world.

Like Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts and Eisenhower, our most corporate-leery presidents, we intend to expose these growth-obsessed monsters as humanity's greatest adversary in the battle for justice, democracy and planetary health. Beyond exposure, we offer ways and means:

· To evict their henchmen from our statehouses, captured agencies and public nervous system.

· To dissolve or defy the rules that shield them from social justice and ecological redress.

· To legally downgrade them from "persons" to "hazardous instruments" with zero political rights.

· To swiftly shrink them back in scale and power to an eco-socially harmless size.

· To make us all proud again that real human beings with healthy values are back in charge...

It's powerful medicine, indeed! His voluminous activities, writings, videos, insights can be found on his websites, which include- The Magic Ten Percent and Big Medicine Central. Locally, W. David Kubiak is known for his work as the Director of, his work on the 2008 Publicizing Truth with Consequences - Independent Media Power Vs. The Corporate Coup Conference and the 2010 Understanding Deep Politics Conference (both held in Santa Cruz).

Community Currency is hosted by local activist, Carol Brouillet and archived at The Progressive Radio Network

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§Occupy Maine
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