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Former Police Officer Kelly O’Haire Unacceptable as Oakland's Police Review Board Head
Saturday Jan 28th, 2012 1:51 AM
ACTION NEEDED: URGENT! The City Administrator proposes that Kelly O’Haire head the CPRB, rather than Patrick Caceres.

Please see her bio below. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Please contact City officials right now to tell them that this proposal is UNACCEPTABLE.

Council members:

We understand the need to consolidate (at least, temporarily) the positions of Ethics Commission and CPRB management, but we believe that the choice of who should occupy both roles is gravely flawed and needs to be re-considered. We hope you agree and will support putting Patrick Caceres in charge of both roles, rather than Kelly O’Haire. (p87 of Exhibit A in the report).

Looking at the Linkedin bio of Kelly O’Haire (see below), there is no way a person with a history of being a police officer and defending police officers can be considered an acceptable choice to head the Citizens’ Police Review Board. The idea of transferring the intake from Internal Affairs to the CPRB was to increase the community’s confidence in the objectivity of the intake and investigative process. This appointment will only serve to increase skepticism and counter the effort to build trust in the accountability system.

Our recommendation is that Patrick Caceres retain his current position and also head the Public Ethics Commission.

Patrick is a known entity, having served the City for seven years and is recognized by the community as fair and impartial, as well as competent.

At this critical time with the NSA, we cannot afford to try out someone new to Oakland with a police-based professional background to oversee OPD; we need an Oakland resident and experienced employee with a proven track-record to head the transition that is soon to occur in the intake process.


Kelly O'Haire

Legal Services Professional

San Francisco Bay Area Legal Services


· Deputy Director Risk Management / Lead Labor Counsel at San Francisco Police Department

· Deputy District Attorney III at Marin County District Attorney's Office

· Police Officer / Detective at San Rafael Police Dept.


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19. CPRB/Public Ethics Commission: consolidation - please explain the logic behind
proposed merge.
The proposal relating to the consolidation of CPRB and PEC staffing within the City
Administrator's Office was developed in consideration of good governance in which the
staff involved in both programs are focused on advancing public ethics, integrity and
justice. The Citizens' Police Review Board is committed to ensuring that Oakland has a
professional police department whose members behave with integrity and justice. The
Public Ethics Commission works to promote confidence in our government by making sure
people are treated fairly at all times, with honesty and integrity—which are shared goals for
the Oakland Police Department.
With the proposal to merge the staff that support both the PEC and CPRB, such a
consolidation would further enhance staff resources and skill sets in advancing ethics,
integrity and justice for the Oakland community. The current Executive Director of the
Public Ethics Committee possesses a broad range of professional accomplishments besides
being a sworn police officer. She has a law degree and has substantial experience in the
public sector in all aspects of internal affairs investigations, criminal investigations,
employment law, public records act requests, conflicts of interest, legal advisory support,
and risk management. She has conducted hundreds of confidential employment hearings
and trials as well as criminal trials and public employment trials before an appointed
commission. Furthermore, she has served three two-year terms on the Novato Police
Advisory and Review Board (a civilian review board) and created their policy and
procedures from its inception. Ms. O'Haire is a newly appointed Director for the City of
Oakland to staff the Public Ethics Commission and her professional skill sets and
reputation will enhance the oversight of staff for both the CPRB and PEC in advancing
ethical standards for the Community of Oakland. The City of Oakland is fortunate to have
employees with such great talents.
by Shane Caya
Sunday Jan 29th, 2012 6:17 PM
"The Citizens’ Police Review Board is committed to ensuring that Oakland has a professional police department whose members behave with integrity and justice. The CPRB draws Oakland’s diverse communities and strives to improve police services"

In response to the conserns about Kelly O'Haire I went to the CPRB website. The statement above is the CPRB mission statement. First I want to speak to Kelly's integrity and sense of justice. I've worked as a civilian at SFPD for over 3 years. I know many officers. My observation is that there are three categories of officers. There are some bad apples that never should have become officers, and between the Office of Citizen Complaints and SFPD Internal Affairs, they are weeded out. There are a whole lot of officers that do a great job, make a good living, all good. Lastly there are those who joined because they genuinely care about people and want to Protect and SERVE the people. Kelly is someone who became an officer because she cares about the people she serves. Kelly is not there to be a bully, or because she wants power. She is there to serve the community in Oakland. What an opportunity to Oakland to have Kelly's wealth of knowledge and experience. There are plenty of MPPs in the bureaucratic system, but where that system intersects with law enforcement an attorney with Kelly's experience would be such an asset. Kelly's loyalty is to the truth and to the people. She didn't turn her back on what is right in SF because of that loyalty and integrity. The people would have in her not only the integrity and justness their mission statement boasts, but it would also bring greater diversity to the administration.