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Catholics Hate Indybay
by What's New?
Friday Jan 27th, 2012 1:26 AM
Just for fun, here's what some catholic pontificating fetus fetishists had to say about Indybay and their glorious walk against women's reproductive choice in San Francisco:
California Catholic Daily wrote: is a website that pushes a smorgasbord of leftist causes. Their “Womyn” page had an entry for January 21 -- “West Coast Rally for Reproductive Justice.” It was a photo essay about the tiny pro-abortion crowd at Justin Herman Plaza. The author wrote, “Reviewing the news coverage on NBC, CBS and ABC SF Bay Area affiliates, the pro-choice rally was given good coverage. The TV newscasters gave their ‘oh, here they come again, yawn’ coverage of the gathering in Civic Center and by now ho-hum march of thousands of dazed looking outsiders.”

Would you like a side of waaaaaaah with your immaculate and perpetual victimhood?

The ever under-appreciated, pope-loving, and flagellating holy trinity posse also the gall to talk about obsessions:

"The efforts required by San Francisco’s major media outlets to avoid covering the Walk for Life West Coast bordered on obsession."

If you have time to waste, you can read more at

But here's a blast from the past that's more fun...

Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote in 2006:

"Anyone who wants to know what makes these people tick should click into the website It will soon be discovered that abortion rights is only one small part of the agenda: the website embraces every conceivable anti-American, left-wing cause, including issues that are positively insane, e.g., "Bathroom Safety for Transgenders."

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by Beeline
Saturday Jan 28th, 2012 10:04 PM
The Catholics do not know their own history. If they did, they would not become catholic. It was during the summer of 177 AD that the Roman governor of the city of Lyon celebrated by having about a dozen christians put to death in a slow and agonizing manner. The christian bishop of Lyon, Pothinus, was one of the first to die but somehow Irenaeus, the father of catholicism managed to be out of town. When he returned he appointed himself as the new bishop without any Roman interference. Instead of chastising the local christians for not helping their brethren or criticizing the bloody Roman hierarchy, he unleashed his angry rhetoric on Gnostic christians( the left wingers of the time). Gnostics sought the truth apart from the apostolic traditional view through study and meditation. Thus, Irenaeus could build church membership, have a ready supply of martyrs and not inflame the Romans by attacking the Gnostics. Catholics do not seek the truth- they seek control over others. They were the first to use the term "propaganda". And it took them 360 years to forgive Galileo for telling the truth. As we can see, the catholics have not changed much. So, if you value the truth, choose another form of spirituality.