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FUCK the Police March - Oakland

Saturday, January 07, 2012
8:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 8PM.

This is a call for all anarchists, social antagonists, and rebels to come together to throw the OPD a party they won't soon forget. Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 8PM. IGD!

Over the past 10 days, the Oakland Police Department, under orders from leftist Mayor Jean Quan and in collusion with local business interests, has intensified its campaign of repression of Occupy Oakland. Targeted arrests, lightning-raids, surveillance, theft of belongings, planted evidence and other dirty, nasty tricks have been increasingly employed. All in an effort to supress the ongoing activity of OO and to send a message ahead of January 28th's scheduled building appropriation and February's mass feminist action. OPD's recent dirty war is, of course, just another act in the long theatre of strategic suppression and intimidation of radical political movement in Oakland by a police force notorious for its nefariously-brutal tactics.

The Tactical Action Committee has called for weekly demo's against the OPD beginning tomorrow night, Saturday at 8PM. Following this call, members of TAC were specifically targeted for arrest because of their unwavering defiance of OPD scare-tactics. In defense of our comrades in TAC, we endorse and amplify their call for Saturday's kick-off march. Let's make this thing confrontational and ferocious!

This is a call for all anarchists, social antagonists, and rebels to come together to throw the OPD a party they won't soon forget. Let's kick these pigs where it hurts most. Bring the tools necessary for it to go down and be prepared for when it does. Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 8PM, Saturday.

For a world without cops and the miserable society they defend!

Drop all charges against Occupy Oakland arrestees!

For Anarchy and Communism!

Added to the calendar on Fri, Jan 6, 2012 9:07AM
§ALL OUT ON SAT! bay of rage call to action...
by commune-ist
Bay of Rage has made a call out as well:

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by actual social rebel
Do you guys have the attention spans required for anything more commitment-intensive than an endless series of parties in the streets? You style yourselves as "proletarians," but in a predominantly working class town of 400,000 people you don't appear to be geared toward anything that doesn't happen quickly, provide a fleeting charge, and leave no subsequent trace of its existence...
by -Hammer-
In case you haven't been paying attention, in the last 3 months, Occupy Oakland has organized a massive homeless encampment, a General Strike, a West Coast Port Shutdown, multiple building occupations, and is now working towards a Service Worker Assembly and a massive building takeover on Jan. 28th; in addition to organizing a hard picket at a striking confectionary factory in Union City, CA on Monday morning. Tomorrow's police action, is being held in the context of this as part of the ongoing activity of OO and the repression of that activity by the police. You sound like just another leftist who wants to build the counter-society of socialism with as little tension as possible. But the Proletariat can no longer affirm itself within the present cycle of accumulation and struggle, it can only self-abolish itself. The police present the ultimate obstacle against the negation of the proletariat as so constitute the ultimate enemy. Tomorrow's action is merely a meager step within that larger battle.
by Actual social rebel
Until he spools off into nitrous oxide land there at the end, MC Hammer makes some useful points -- about Occupy Oakland, that is, and not about the spikey party in the streets "fraction" therof. I say, some useful points. For example, there were some eetsy-weentsy little problems with the General Strike, being that it was not even minimally adequately publicized for, and assiduously ignored by about 99% of all wage earners in Oakland. Close, but no cigar on that one, my dear grad student "homes!" However, some for-real proles did walk off the job, notably very mainstream teachers and a small combative minority of longshore workers. These are exactly the mainstream working people who partisans of an authetic subversive perspective aspire to reach -- and I strongly feel that better energies would be placed on efforts like that, and on some of the other efforts enumerated by MC Hammer, instead of yet another spikey party in the streets as a surrogate and substitute for more substantial time and labor-intensive resistance.
by -A-

by critical thought
Can people please have a little creativity when thinking about actions? How many times does a black bloc have to happen in response to police violence for people to realize that it isn't changing anything? Militancy isn't a goal in itself.

This action will either result in:

1. People successfully disrupt downtown, destroy private property, and defend themselves against the police. (and everything goes back to normal the next day)


2. Some people are arrested with serious charges and the next month is spent trying to keep them out of prison.

Militant action can be useful, but black bloc tactics have been used for so long and have not been effective at all. It's time for people to rethink what they are doing and how it fits into an actual strategy.
by ?
No one has called for a "black bloc". You made that up.
by Anon
Working class Oakland is not fond of these nihilistic rip it up tactics. But this subculture only talks to it's tiny circles, so it wouldn't know. It's pretty easy to predict that this action will be a failure and probably result in more people with charges like the above poster mentioned.

If you want to get the police off participants backs i suggest trying to involve more people then a this coalition of tiny cliques.
by A.S.R.
Finally, a little intelligent thinking begins to rear its lovely head...
You've had your chance to change the world with all your boring die-ins and permitted protests and failed.

Now it is our turn to take the torch.

Why don't you cry about it.
by critical thought
"You've had your chance to change the world with all your boring die-ins and permitted protests and failed.

Now it is our turn to take the torch."

Really? Militant tactics are by no means "new", and have proven no more (perhaps even less?) effective than the die-ins and permitted marches you're so quick to criticize.
Peace hipsters fuck off.
by Anon
Say something substantive or shut up.
by radical
The port shut-downs on November 2nd and December 12 rattled the boss class big time.

A rep from American Licorice (maker of Red Vines located in Union City) striking workers reported at OO's Labor Solidarity Committee meeting that the visible presence of a handful of Oakland Occupiers at the picket line (on which day exactly, I don't know) "really rattled" management. The police chief came to the picket line to get advanced intelligence and a helicopter was deployed to monitor the picket--all because a small number of Occupiers joined the picket. Indeed, the strikers' rep said he believed that the threat represented by the OO presence was the reason that management decided to go back to the negotiating table.

Mass actions that hit the capitalists hard serve to make our threats credible. While some liberals and ostensibly-radical identity politics folks have dissed the port shut-downs as a distraction, the fact is that these actions contained a message that did not go unnoticed by the bosses. When was the last time a liberal or identity politics demonstration made the bosses shit their pants? The question answers itself.

On Monday January 9, Oakland Occupiers will be in Union City to set up a hard picket (blocking scabs' entrance to work) in solidarity with the American Licorice workers as negotiations resume. The picket will start at 5:30 am and will continue for 24 hours. The first two eight-hour shifts are the most vital. If you can make it early in the morning, that's great. If you can't make until later in the day, that too is great.

This action is the embodiment of trans-sectoral class struggle and if successful will serve to inspire greater levels of combativeness going forward.

American Licorice is located at 2477 Liston Way in Union City.
Instead of either pacifist/liberal stuff, or spiky and equally irrelevant, all-broken-windows, all-the-time protest ghetto stunts, what's needed, especially in the context of Occupy in the coming months, is to launch into new efforts on on the actual everyday life terrain of the wage-earning class. We need to focus our attentions on the weak points in this social order, where we can collectively confront what market relations do to our lives, and where the market system's antagonism to human needs gives rise to the possibility of an organized, conscious, mass collective response.

Here are links to critical analysis of some small efforts along this line:

efforts to disseminate this among US military personnel,

and uncompromising anti-gentrification actions in SF's Mission District during the dot-com boom of the late 1990's,
by same shit different asshole
clearly breaking a few windows does not equal revolution; no one claims it does. but consistently creating space which is militantly antagonistic to the cops helps to normalize revolt, which is a step to building momentum to cause an actual rupture with the state/capitalism. these type of protests are good and if you disagree that is ok, you don't have to show up. shit talking on the internet simply serves the state and its ability to divide us.

p.s. folks who make call outs for this shit and show up to it can also be working on other projects that you might be more into; hell you might be working on the same projects in other contexts.
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