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Profile of a 99'er; from middle class to poor and homeless
by D. Boyer
Wednesday Dec 21st, 2011 11:29 AM
Hello I am a 99’er. Profile of a poor middle class educated blue collar worker and community activist.
In 2009 I was laid-off from my job at San Francisco’s public access station. I was first, the Front Desk person then moved onto the Facilities Coordinator position at that station. It was a livable wage job. After a year into that position I was able to afford my own place for my dogs cats and former partner. I was told when I moved into a manufactured home in East Palo Alto that if you stay and pay your lot rental, you will be offered an opportunity to buy.
However DIVCA started taking effect and thus the lay-off, and the closure of one the West Coast’s best public access station. The reason the station was defunded is because of a well known law known as DIVCA or the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act. It was written by Mark Leno. The City of San Francisco exploited the vague language resulting in the disbandment of the then operator of the public access station known as the San Francisco Community Television Corporation. Resulting in the station being ripped apart both physically and materially!
The whole time the drama was unfolding in City Hall over DIVCA and the possible loss of my job I felt ignored
disenfranchised and disrespected. I came to San Francisco in 1997 for a new life and to achieve my American dream, but
that dream had been killed by politics and politicians. I am also transgender.

As a result of the lay-off and the lack of a livable wage job I will be evicted from my home this month. Please keep in mind I have already paid in rent over $70,000 dollars. I am currently 4 months behind on rent and only need $10,000 to stay. I was also obligated to pay child support for a kid I have never seen. However due to my tenacity and talent I was able to stay here during the last 2-3 years. But I got behind on my lot rental within 4 months time, and now I will be evicted during the holidays. The management also knew of my plight, but then demanded a rent increase in November 2011. I also paid the annual rental increases.
I am a 99’er. And I am a poor middle class person who owes taxes to the Feds, owes over $40,000 in educational loans, and I am underemployed and my knowledge and talent are ignored.
My professional profile here

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by Scrooge Faction
Friday Dec 23rd, 2011 11:11 PM
I'm really sorry to hear of your troubles...I guess you've looked into other options like having a roomate for a little while to share expenses? Assuming the 'landlord' allows this of course...It might not be much fun but it would keep your roof? It's a shame to pay so much into something, get established for so many years, and then lose it...that's what the real estate industry and banks do to people's attempts to have a little something of their own...I hope you don't have to put your dog down, don't you have friends or something that can take the dog for a while? When the system that rides on our backs rips the clothes from our backs it's no wonder people are pissed off. Best wishes to you. This is just one more example of how the system is broken and propped up on lies.