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Riverside; County gives attorneys go-ahead to sue dispensaries in unincorporated areas
by Marcel Honoré
Tuesday Dec 20th, 2011 3:21 PM
Riverside County Board of Supervisors are threatening to sue medical cannabis dispensaries in unincorporated regions of Riverside County such as Thousand Palms. When will the anti-medical cannabis Inquisition learn that they are attacking their own voting bloc?

Some question for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors who decided to begin a witch hunt against the medical cannabis dispensaries of Thousand Palms;

Can Riverside County afford a countersuit for violating California State laws?

Did you forget that many medical cannabis dispensary patients are also voters and can repay your compassion (or lack thereof) next election day?

IF the medical cannabis dispensaries are closed, where will sick people turn to for their medicine? Maybe the illegal drug cartels?

Ever consider that all these politically motivated attacks on medical cannabis dispensaries are actually HELPING the illegal drug cartels regain business previously lost to the legal cannabis dispensaries, and that by consistently attacking legal cannabis dispensaries you (Riverside County Supervisors) are also benefitting the illegal drug cartels by sending them customers?

Keep that in mind the next time you Riverside County Board of Supervisors grandstand by attacking legal cannabis dispensaries, the chefs of the illegal drug cartels love these politically motivated attacks!!

"Riverside County OKs action against medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas."

Written by

Marcel Honoré

The Desert Sun

"Already facing a potential crackdown by federal authorities, some Coachella Valley medical marijuana dispensaries must now contend with a new, local push to shut them down.

During its closed session meeting Tuesday, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors authorized its attorneys to sue any pot shops in unincorporated areas — plus any property owners who allow them to operate — unless those dispensaries immediately close.

Riverside County has prohibited medical marijuana dispensaries from operating on unincorporated land since 2006.

Last year, county supervisors briefly considered an ordinance that would have regulated these dispensaries but later stepped back and decided to uphold the ban.

Nonetheless, dozens of storefronts have sprouted in the unincorporated county in recent years, including a cluster of at least 11 dispensaries presently open in Thousand Palms, according to online dispensary locator

County officials estimated as many as 47 in unincorporated areas last year, and they know of at least 36 such dispensaries.

Part of what has led to the county's medical marijuana boom are “vaguely written laws” on the state level, according to an October 2010 letter from County Counsel Pamela J. Walls to The Desert Sun.

Several owners of dispensaries who would be affected by the county's latest plan were unavailable or declined to comment late Tuesday.

Local patients and proponents of medical pot have endured several setbacks in the past few months.

The supervisors' unanimous vote Tuesday, according to a news release, was “buoyed” by last month's state appellate court ruling, which upheld the city of Riverside's ban on dispensaries.

That ruling followed an October announcement by the state's four federal prosecutors of a broad effort to close pot clubs, in particular, by sending landlords who rent space to pot dispensaries letters threatening to seize their property under federal drug trafficking laws.

The county's ban only applies to unincorporated areas, and Tuesday's action does not appear to affect Palm Springs — the only city in Riverside County to allow a limited number of dispensaries.

Outside of Thousand Palms, Palm Springs has the largest cluster of medicinal marijuana dispensaries, with at least 10 brick-and-mortar locations and a half-dozen delivery services listed on the WeedMaps website.

However, most of those locations are illegal under the city's ordinance regulating medical cannabis.

Palm Springs allows only up to three locations within its borders."

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by YourExpertWebman
Sunday Dec 25th, 2011 8:01 AM
The War on Drugs is politically motivated. It has nothing to do with the health of the people. If it did , all drugs would be legalized and taxed so the bad users could be rehabbed.

When Portugal legalized drugs, usage dropped by over 50 percent and the country went bankrupt.

Would we want that here?