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Emergency Demonstration To Stop Nady! Stop The 1%!

Saturday, December 17, 2011
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Meet at Grand Lake Theater, Lakepark & Grand Ave, Oakland, to march into Piedmont.

East Bay Millionaire John Nady has begun building his vacation home on Rattlesnake Island, the ancient political and religious center of the Elem Tribe, in Lake County. Using his wealth and influence, he has already strong-armed his way through the planning regulations, and has just started laying the foundations on the island. John Nady is part of the 1%!

For more than 150 years the Elem Tribe have struggled to regain their Ancestral Homeland. Now they call on the people of Oakland to support them to stop the desecration.

Whether it's for gold, silver, coal, uranium or leisure, John Nady is part of a long history of the 1% who have exploited Indigenous lands.

Jim Brown, a traditional cultural leader of the Elem Tribe, says: 'We, the 99% are tired of the 1% controlling everything with their wealth, with their greed, and with the hypocrisy they brought to the United States. We need to chase these foreign governments out of our land and turn it back over to the people. We need everyone to support our aboriginal rights'

Bring noise-makers, and let's show Nady that from Lake County to the Bay Area, we will oppose this desecration. We will march from the Grand Lake Theater, Lakepark & Grand Ave, into the exclusive neighborhood of Piedmont- home of John Nady and the 1%!


Twitter users please retweet: 'EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION 12/17! Millionaire John Nady is building on #RattlesnakeIsland. Meet 12 Noon @ Grand Lake Theater, Oakland #StopNady'
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by Decolonize Oakland!
Great! It's about time there was a Millionaires March here

Nasty Nady has a history of exploiting musicians in the Bay Area too.

Friend Rattlesnake Island here:
by Rachel Bowen
Im sure that most of you are aware that Mr. Nady is a successful man. However, I am also sure you have no idea where he came from. Mr. Nady is an immigrant from Austria, he was born there during a time when his family (Mother, Father, older sister, and older brother) were trying to escape WWII. They came to America in hopes of a better life with only a few dollars total to find shelter and food. John learned english within a year and eventually attended CalTech and UC Berkeley. Now what is happening is simply outrageous. I know from first hand experience with Mr. Nady that Rattlesnake island is a beloved and treasured place. On the island, you can find him walking around and picking up ever piece of trash collecting feathers that have fallen off of birds. What you imply is that he is a heartless man who wants to rid the island of its beauty and sacredness, but you are very wrong. Hypocrisy is also at work on your side of the fence as you claim the island sacared and yet had plans to build a Casino. Really people....are you claim a house is damaging. Its time you take a nice long look at your self in the mirror and determine what are true priorities in your life and decide if its truly going after someone because they fought for something. No one is oppressing you except yourselves. Its time to move one with your lives.
by Anonymous
Your anarchist protest aimed to stop the executives on Wall Street from taking the governments money. Mr. Nady is not one of these executives. He's a successful entrepreneur and a generous man. He's a brilliant person and had a vision, the wireless microphone. I will attend this protest, but I will be throwing eggs at you.
by No more stereotypes
What evidence do you have that there are any plans to build a casino on the island? That's a complete stereotype. Instead there is alot of evidence that the Elem Tribe have consistently used the island for ceremonies, even after it was fraudulently taken from them in the 19th Century. As recently as a few years ago they had a funeral ceremony on the island. Nady is building on a place people have prayed on for thousands of years and where they have buried their ancestors- how is building any kind of vacation home respectful?
by Anon
The Nadys have had countless archeological tests to show that there is no burial below the proposed residence
by Facts
There are serious questions to be asked about the accuracy of any and all tests carried out on the island. Nady prevented the last archaeologist removing artifacts from the island- which made any analysis of what is actually there impossible. As a result- Lake County broke the law by issuing a permit to build on the island without knowing what was on the site. Rattlesnake Island has been determined eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places- only Nady's objections keep it off that register, although it is still entitled to the same protection. It is known that Rattlesnake Island has been the religious and political center of the Elem Tribe for at least the last 6000 years- it should be protected from development for recreation.
by Me
Even if you don't agree with a man's business practices, that gives you no right to attack his home and family.
by eff you (safetyfirst415 [at]
actually, nady is attacking the elem's land--their home! and regardless a march to nady's home is hardly attacking it
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