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Anticapitalist Bloc March to the Port

Monday, December 12, 2011
5:30 AM - 8:30 AM
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West Oakland BART

Anticapitalist Bloc meetup and march
Added to the calendar on Fri, Dec 9, 2011 3:26AM

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by Confused
I was wondering why the calendar event for a general announcement of the Port Shutdown has been taken off here on the calendar events for Indybay.
Keep it up! There is three days till the shutdown and we need to get the word out as much as possible.
by It Is
West Coast Port Shutdown
Just to be clear, is this going to be a march where shit gets broken, unbeknownst to the majority of participants, like what happened at the General Strike? If so I think the honest thing to do would be to at least tell people...since you'd be putting them in a very risky situation they might not be prepared for, or in agreement with.
by smellsarat
please do not respond to the cop, or snitch above, whether in the affirmative or negative. its bad for people.
by jimmyrunsdeep
Why can't you tell people who want to join if you're gonna break shit?

That's bullshit. I guess just tell everyone to skip this one. I suggest everyone that doesn't want to be associated with vandals do the same.
by apple
the march is at 5:30am?, or is that a typo?
by flavio
Seriously, ignore the cop shit stain coward who wants you to keep the plans secret and tell us if people are going to be smashing shit?

I'm not bringing people out to a repeat of strike day.
by (A)
you are asking a person to predict what others will do?, how can the person who posted this know fully the intent of all who are going or all who will show up to this event?.

People will do what they will and want and if some chose to target Chain stores or whatever, then that is their choice. some might chose to engage in acts of Direct action and some may not, but seeing as no one can predict the future...there is no point in speculating.

simply show up and take part. or don'' your choice.

take care.


by skum
5:30 am?? You got to be kidding. Why so early? Aren't there marches planned throughout the day?
by Anon
This really makes no sense. PerhaPs you could explain your intentions here.
by WTF
I don't think the person is a snitch just because they don't want to get suckered into marching off into a riot or being associated with vandalism because they are on that march. Believe it or not Black Bloc, but not everyone within the movement agrees with you that you have to smash some windows (which seems pretty petty to me, not militant. The anarchists in Greece probably laugh at you) to get your point across. It actually hurts in my opinion, and just gives Occupy a negative image that gets exploited by the media and the system to discredit us. So why don't you be upfront with people and tell them that vandalism, violence and a 'diversity of tactics', might be part of this march? I think that you can articulate your words to people without actually saying we are going to smash some shit and incriminating yourself; or whatever your paranoid and worried about. To tell you the truth, I don't think that you really do think that person is a snitch, troll, cop, fed, whatever. I think that you know that, and that person just disagrees with violence and disagrees with your approach to protest (like me). So you decide to target them, attack and slander them by saying they are a 'snitch', simply because they are in disgreement; so much for ideas of democracy and respecting people's difference of opinion and thought. It is just like that revolting flyer you passed around telling pacifists that they are wrong for choosing peace and non-violence, and that they;' hold the cock of the empire in their subtle hands.'; your words, not mine? What about Pancho Sterile, he chooses non-violence ? How about Ghandi, he brought the British Empire to his knees through non-violence? Did he hold the cock of the empire in his hands? Hell no, he managed to kick the British out! Maybe you would see that if you try to listen to some people who don't want to be destructive or violent, instead of attacking and shouting them down by telling them they are a snitch or too weak. You people really are fucking fascists at times, you know that?
by Serious Business
It was bad enough that the Black Bloc did their silly ass little adventure on the night of the Nov. 2 a few miles from the Port . That enabled the Capitalist media to run with photos of the Bonfire and smashed windows instead of the massive sea of people that shut down the Port .
But iF they attempt to ''smash shit up '' at the Port they will sever any ties they have with all the rest of the Occupy Movement .Because Such antics would enable the cops to sweep down on all of us and shatter the chances of rank and file Longshore workers to defy labor careerists like Craig Merrilees of the International and honor our community picket!
IF you'll plan to be part of a our collective effort Fine . After all what is more 'anti-capitalist '' than shutting down the fifth largest port in the US in soldarity with the fired Port truckers in LA and the besieged ILWU #21 in the small river port town of Longview Washington ?
Otherwise ----
Just because it is an anti-capitalist march does not equate to property destruction. Jesus Christ. We're all against capitalism, otherwise why are we shutting down all the West Coast Ports in the first place. It will be FINE. There are no Whole Foods or Banks of America or Wells Fargos down at the damn port. Just roads, fences, and railway tracks. If anything, we should be happy the anti-capitalists are coming out and thankful if they bring their shields in case the cops decide to attack us in the early AM!
you should be happy that people are fed up and willing to confront the system, disrupt the system, agitate the system, cause profit lose and disorder for the system. make havoc. strike riot occupy. it's good. now hit yourself. knock yourself out.
by Anon
Still whining about the pacifists- god damn for so called revolutionaries you guys are hella thin skinned. And to the guy with the shield-we don't want your "protection".
by Ajose
The shut-down of a port, and the blockade of the flow of capital is in itself a confrontational act against the idea of the "property" of the capitalist classes and the privilege that entails. In resistance facing repression is inevitable, and having to actively struggle against these forces of social control in furtherance of our collective power is a reality. The police can very well attempt to physically thwart the blockades, and a few broken windows are very insignificant compared to the amount of damage disrupting the flow of a port would cause. Escape the idea that confrontation and escalation tactics are a bad thing, like most of us already have through pushing for the shut down of capital. Start realizing that we need to confront systems of economic dominance, and escalate our struggle against the existence of their power over us. Most of us know which side we're on. Instead of dissing people, and their autonomous decisions because of your own fear of accepting total revolution against the structure as necessary come have a discussion on 'diversity of tactics' and what 'black bloc' means tonight, and tomorrow night.
by Anon
We further our collective power by doing actions that strength and broaden the movement. You guys do tactics that weaken and isolate the movement. It has nothing to do with pacifism or property destruction. Seeing how badly you fucked up on the nov. 2nd, you'd think a little humility might be in order.
by smf
pretty sure it was the cops who fucked things up. but maybe you think they're part of the 99%?
so stop attacking us.

by Konsider
There's going to be different approaches to the action Monday irregardless of what anyone thinks. Asking that Occupy Oakland announce the possibility of people vandalizing stuff is stupid to the point of absurdity.
by Ajose
What strengthens and broadens the movement is not passivity. The fact that you even argue of broken windows like they some how hold a larger significance to anything is just further proof of your ignorance on this entire matter. If such actions are said to isolate anyone, I have yet to see it, nobody really cares surprisingly. If it isolates forces of dogmatic pacifism and reformists from the movement then I would say that's a good thing. Fuck your white liberal idea of working within the framework of what is deemed acceptable in mainstream colonist culture. The black bloc is so much more than broken windows. It's a tactic of self-defense and offensive measures. The people who unnecessarily weep every time one occurs seem to be the same people who do not understand that this is a incessant war under capital and that we are heading in directions of direct confrontation. Stop fucking talking about windows. How about we talk of how people may be able to hold the port if the pigs are ordered to prevent a take over? Or do the fact that such questions are legitimate scare you? check yer fuckin privilege and realize this entire system needs to be dismantled regardless if you 'benefit' from it's existence. not all of us do nigga.
by Real World
I hate to break the news to those who keep going on about '' White liberal ideas ''etc. when the mass appeal of the occupy movement is based on ''class unity '' against the corporations (Yes the very flawed "' 99% '' concept ignores the very big differences between the Working class and Middle class Professionals , small and medium business owners etc .
But let's save that for another thread ) BUT much of the really strong opposition to the stupid adventure on the evening of Nov. 2 came from African -American Working class people . And i do not just mean from fake 'progressives '' tied to the Democratic party .
DO NOT attempt to do shit like that at the Port . Unless you want to wreck any unity with the Majority Black ILWU #10 and the mainly immigrant Port truckers .
by An Atlanta Ally
During the anti-CPE uprising of 2006 some dispossessed young Parisian wrote on a wall: "3,000,000 à marcher, rien ne bouge! 300,000 à bloquer...? Rejoignez-nous!" in English that is roughly. "3,000,000 people march, nothing happens! But if 300,000 people block...? Join us!" She didn't know what would happen, but maybe tomorrow the whole world will.

We are all unwilling stakeholders in this economic system that we understand not to be merely corrupt, but rather defective by design. It has been for too long that we view workers as the only people with the agency to take industrial action. The massive, co-ordinated industrial action called for and set to be carried out by the broader community tomorrow sets my spine ashiver.

To everyone taking "stand up / fight back" beyond the rhetorical, the best of luck and total solidarity from your allies in Atlanta!
by anarchist who hates manarchists
as an anarchist myself I can say November 2nd was no bueno, I agree with property destruction as long as it's strategic. And underpaid workers don't have to clean up all your shit. So not strategic or anarchist to smash up a whole foods, that was going to have a workers walkout at the time of the incident. Reread Emma Goldman =). Anyways I am just hoping this action doesnt end up being a bunch of manarchists, looking to smash some shit, because they give anarchism bad name.
by jimmy
You want to grow the movement don't vandalize stupid shit. You fuckers smashed up Oakollective. A store that supports local artists and sells cruelty free shit.

We lost a ton of support after the stupidity on

Shutting down the port is fine. You start fucking vandalizing stupid shit again and you'll have a tiny little movement that can't do much.
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