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UCSC Hahn Occupation Demands
by Eugene Mattick
Tuesday Nov 29th, 2011 2:00 PM
Though students voted to end the occupation of Hahn, they have generated the following list of demands. Actions will be ongoing!
We support the demands of UC Davis students and faculty. In solidarity with them we make the following demands on our own campus administration:

1. We demand that the UCPD be disbanded and a committee be formed by students, faculty and workers whose mandate is to transfer legitimate community safety responsibilities to democratically accountable and unarmed campus safety groups.

The mandate of this committee will be to:
-Determine the full range of functions that are currently fulfilled by UCPD which can legitimately be delegated to campus safety groups.

-Determine the few specific situations in which it may be necessary to call on the assistance of outside agencies and to create the necessary protocols that the University must follow before these agencies are invited onto campus.

-Prioritize community well being and violence prevention over police activities. To this end its emphasis should be on refunding resource centers like conflict resolution and rape prevention, as well as refunding centers dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved populations on campus.

2. We call on the administration of this campus to refuse to implement budget cuts imposed by the state, UCOP or the Regents. This means:
-Rescind tuition hikes back to 2009 levels and allow students to enroll in classes at that rate.
-Rescind campus layoffs back to 2009.
-Rescind budget cuts to divisions and departments to 2009 levels.

3. We demand that no disciplinary actions are to be taken against students or allies for participation in occupation protest activities.

4. We demand that this list of demands be sent out to all members of the campus community on the University's own e-mail servers.
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