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Interfaith tent revival @Occupyoakland on Sunday and all-night vigil
by Anonymous
Saturday Nov 12th, 2011 7:18 PM
This call for an inter-faith tent revival is autonomous action that has not been approved by the General Assembly. As all are welcome to gather at Oscar Grant Plaza and no one has ever suggested that anyone shouldn't be able to pray and speak together, we feel that this is appropriate to do on our own. Much respect.
The tragic death of the young man who was gunned down near the intersection of 14th St. and Broadway Avenue has left Occupy Oakland, and the greater Bay Area heart-broken. Business leaders and some politicians have seized upon this poor man's death to bolster their pre-existing plans to drive out this vulnerable community in front of city hall. Rather then offering comfort to those mourning for the man who was murdered, the mayor's husband is planning meetings to address his "concerns about [Occupy Oakland] hurting both the image and the business in" the city.

We thank our faith leaders of all beliefs who understand that in these times of rampant poverty and obscene unemployment a refuge offering food, shelter, comfort and community should not be destroyed over concerns that the city's most vulnerable and most at-risk are no longer isolated to the city's edges and away from downtown businesses. Tomorrow, Sunday, we are calling on all people of faith to participate in a series of healing services of any congregation and any faith throughout the day and night.

Since Occupy Oakland began numerous people have been injured by people outside the camp who have refused to exercise compassion when their objectives were not aligned with the people of Occupy Oakland. We ask everyone to join us tomorrow evening for an all-night vigil in solidarity and support by those who have been brutalized throughout the world for exercising their rights to gather together.

In order for the Occupation to continue to provide our community with the services it needs to thrive in these difficult times, it will require all of us to give what we can, whenever we can, to ensure that Occupy Oakland is a safe and secure space where people can not only get what they need but feel comfortable doing so.

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by safara
Sunday Nov 13th, 2011 1:48 AM
What is the young man who died name? Why have't they released his NAME? I haven't heard his name uttered once on in the media as of today...