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Occupy Oakland Veterans' March Against Police Brutality, 11/11/11: Video
by Dave Id
Saturday Nov 12th, 2011 2:17 AM
On Veterans' Day, November 11th, veterans groups including Iraq Veterans Against the War and supporters held a march against police brutality to demand an end to the violence by Oakland police, Alameda County Sheriffs deputies, and other forces that has left at least three former members of the U.S. armed services seriously injured as well as numerous others. Scott Olsen was critically injured when he was shot in the head with a police projectile at close range on the evening of October 25th. Kayvan Sabeghi was placed in intensive care with a lacerated spleen after police beat him and denied him medical care in the early morning hours of November 3rd. And Doug Connor was abused in jail after having been arrested on November 3rd. As the march wound its way through downtown, chants included "Stop Beating Veterans, Stop Beating Everyone," "Tax the Rich, End the Wars," and "Occupy Oakland, Not Afghanistan." The march stopped briefly at Obama's Oakland campaign headquarters on Telegraph Avenue before continuing on to its final destination, Oakland police headquarters at 7th Street and Broadway. There, speakers took turns addressing the Oakland police in riot gear who stood in front of the main doors. Oakland police were exhorted to stop brutalizing Occupy Oakland participants and to refuse to follow illegal orders. Marchers departed OPD headquarters chanting, "Don't Raid the Camp, Don't Raid the Camp."
(video 16:57)

March Announcement

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Occupy Oakland

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by Antemedius
Saturday Nov 12th, 2011 12:37 PM

While city governments and police forces across America - hypocritically attempting to claim that they are part of the 99% while ordering Occupy protesters to remove their tents - are this week doing everything they can think of to shut down and evict local Occupy encampments, effectively saying they'll support the protestors as long as they sleep outside in the cold and the snow this winter, the Occupy movement itself has this week begun a campaign of supporting people whom banks are foreclosing on by occupying homes at risk of foreclosure when tenants enlist its support, beginning with Occupy Minnesota working with the Take Back the Land Movement: "a national network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land".

Occupy Homes: New Coalition Links Homeowners, Activists in Direct Action to Halt Foreclosures