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Two Protests at City Hall Monday and Tuesday
by Robert Norse
Sunday Nov 6th, 2011 10:03 PM
The Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly consensed today to gather at 2:30 PM at the Water St. side of the courthouse to march to City Hall to confront City Council and City Manager Martin Bernal at 3 PM. The group will deliver the General Assembly's response to the City's recent harassment action against OSC and those camping there. And presumably offer an opportunity for the hostile bureaucrats there to air their concerns. A second speak-out is slated for 5 PM Tuesday at the Coonerty Council's mini-Oral Communications period at City Hall.
The dispersal-order-in-the-guise-of-a-permit is reprinted at .

The General Assembly's response today is at .

Felix Krull remains in jail on $500 bail for the crime of falling asleep at a protest in the wee hours of the morning over the weekend and presenting "inadequate ID". He will be arraigned either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday at 8:!5 AM, according to attorney Ed Frey.

The half dozen 647e misdemeanor harassment "lodging" citations issued against peaceful demonstrators over the weekend are likely to cost the County $50,000-$100,000 in jury trials. And an undisclosed amount of a successful civil lawsuits follow.

With 50-100 tents in the camp, and at least an equal number of supporters in the community, the costs of phony prosecutions is likely to escalate exponentially.

On the upside, tablers reported no new examples of "deputocracy" arrests or tickets last night. The skeleton of geodesic dome was rising at mid-afternoon in front of the county building. And the campground, with the exception of a few strident outbursts was reportedly quiet for the last few days.

Hopefully photojournalists Bradley and Alex will add their vision and commentary in the days ahead.

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by Robert Norse
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 12:37 AM
Justin White posted the following e-mail from Mayor Ryan Coonerty:

"Thanks Justin. ...The permit and its enforcement was done by the Police and City Attorney. First Amendment case law for the past hundred years recognizes that government can issue "reasonable time, place and manner" restrictions on public gatherings. I hope the protest complies with the reasonable terms of the permit and continues to raise awareness of the severe economic issues facing our nation.

All the best,

Ryan Coonerty
Mayor, City of Santa Cruz"

Coonerty teaches constitutional law at Cabrillo College and UCSC (!) He received the "Hammer of Justice" award several years ago from the local ACLU. He also spearheaded the drive for the Parking Lots and Garages Trespass law which makes being in a parking lot for any reason other than parking or retrieving a vehicle or walking directly through--a crime. That's our liberal mayor!

The complete e-mail including Justin's comments are at
by (posted by) Robert Norse
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 3:53 AM
(taken from the facebook page of Occupy Santa Cruz)
by (posted by) Norse
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 9:41 AM

Unfortunately Santa Cruz already had its draconian "no public in the park after dark" and its MC 6.36.010c--no setting up camping with intent to remain over night--ordinances in place before the protest began. And did not pass them in direct response to the protest. So our situation looks different than Nashville's.

Still it would be nice to also get some legal backing. Legal committee co-worker Steve Pleich tells me we are currently working on an injunction as well.

Please contact the legal committee of OSC if looking for attorney support. Please contact me (423-4833), Steve Pleich (334- 8692) or Ed Frey (479-8911) if you'd like to provide suggestions or assistance.

City bureaucrats would no doubt argue before sympathetic judges that the Camping Ban and the Park Closing laws are an appropriate setting of "time, place, and manner". Which they are not, of course.

The more folks who make their voices heard either in person, by e-mail (mbernal [at], or by phone (831-420-5030), the better.

The regular twice-monthly City Council meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday 11-8) at 3 PM. Public comment about items not on the agenda is at 5 PM. Protest signs held up inside the meeting as well as alternative meeting outside the meeting (People's Council? Impromptu General Assembly?) is another alternative as well. Some have already called for as many as possible to show up at 5 PM to support.

I speak as an individual on these issues, but I suspect many share my belief that it is the community not the City Council we need to address. And it is the people's agenda and not the police spin that needs to be discussed. Such as, where are the open park bathrooms? Why are sheriffs deputies citing and arresting peaceful protesters for "lodging" arbitrarily and without defining what is legal behavior? What kind of support specifically do we want from the community.

These concerns are what we need to focus on in public statements, rather than getting cornered on the poisoned "permit" playing field of Bernal's devising.

OSC, I believe, is more than ready to address any legitimate health and safety concern.

More important (since there really aren't any really pressing concerns, contrary to the city's claims) is to put out to the community the real story about the harassment going on and seek support in ending it.
by community supporter of OSC
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 9:48 AM
"it is the community not the City Council we need to address. And it is the peoples' agenda and not the police spin that needs to be discussed."

I fully agree.
by (posted by) Norse
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 10:54 AM!

Some inspiring and interesting stuff here for those who want to go to Santa Cruz City Council tomorrow (with the intention, I hope, of using the televised session to reach the community, without any illusions that the City Council itself or the more powerful and relevant City Manager, Police Chief, and City Attorney are listening).

Even more--for those who want to provide direct help to San Jose Occupy with a relief expedition, as proposed by Commander X.
by Bob Lamonica
Monday Nov 7th, 2011 1:58 PM
The video cited above shows a very mainstream collection of people in full support of Occupy San Jose occupying its claimed space, petitioning the San Jose City Council to act in accordance with very understandable good will. It blew me away, and re-acknowledged for me the revolutionary character of the Occupy Movement.

I am pushing 61, and never thought I would live to see Redistribution Of Wealth discussed openly in the United States of America. It's the Occupy Movement that has done this. Anything done by humans is imperfect, and that includes the 24/7 occupiers of Occupy Santa Cruz. They deserve, and have earned, all the slack and support our community can provide.

The Santa Cruz City Council has an opportunity to be leaders, possibly the most significant opportunity of their political careers. It's time for our elected representatives to stand up in active support of the occupiers of Occupy Santa Cruz.
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