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BAMN Line on Jean Quan is Dangerous and Idiotic
by Food for Thought
Wednesday Nov 2nd, 2011 2:15 PM
A photo published on The Guardian UK's website depicts a sign on a tent at Occupy Oakland that reads "Mayor Quan Must Go! Get Out Now!".....
It might as well say, " supports the Police Officers Benevolent Association, the Cali Prison Guards Union, Don Perata and Ignacio De La Fuente".

I mean, come on. Quan is a politician, but she's cooperating to a great degree with Occupy Oakland, now at least. True, she's been forced to do so, but for now she has called off the dogs. The pigs ain't vamping. The camp at Oscar Grant Plaza has not been harassed officially in days now.

Who's coming behind Jean Quan if she's put out now? I guarantee it will be somebody with a "Break Up Occupy Oakland By Any Means Necessary" agenda.

Quan might be a politician, and quite frankly a mother fucker, but her office has been cooperating with the NLG in terms of providing access to documents, video footage and other information relative to the lawsuit against the cops' brutality and illegal use of force against the Mehserle Verdict Day demonstrations last year. This lawsuit will result in another people's victory which is part of the protracted struggle to stop police terrorism in Oakland's Black and Brown communities.

If you recall, she was personally targeted during the mayoral campaign by the cops, FOR PROSECUTION, for "impeding an officer"--simply for standing on the street as a peacekeeper to prevent police brutality against Justice for Oscar Grant demonstrators.

I'm not trying to give Quan a pass. She's doing some truly awful shit, such as her "100 Worst Blocks" initiative to increase police presence, harassment, surveillance and repression in Black and Brown communities in the Town.

But what I am saying is, the left needs to be a little bit tactical at the moment, and not just think about last week, but about tomorrow, next week, and the week after that.

BAMN is a caricature of the immature sectarian left, and they should be told so by everybody with half a brain at Occupy Oakland.
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