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Police Informant Returns
by An Old Friend
Thursday Oct 27th, 2011 3:19 PM
OPD informant Mandingo Hayes is once again attempting to disrupt and derail a movement in Oakland.

Outspoken and controversial Oakland figure Mandingo Hayes was initially outed as an OPD informant by members of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee during the 2009 Oscar Grant movement. His questionable background as a former pimp who served time in prison for pistol whipping his girlfriend conflicted with the way he portrayed himself as the leader of the newest incarnation of the black panthers in Oakland. An Oakland Tribune article from 2003 reposted here Mandingo Hayes Outed As Informant explains his role as a police informant in a prostitution bust 8 years ago.

Since he was outed in 2009, Mandingo has rarely been seen in public. During the riots that ensued after the verdict in the Johannes Mehserle trial in July of 2010, he appeared in the middle of an intersection instructing people to cause mayhem while he kept his hands relatively clean. A few minutes later he walked up to a demonstrator and punched him from behind with no provocation. When another demonstrator attempted to break up the altercation, he was grabbed by police while Mandingo was left free to walk away.

He resurfaced on Tuesday during the confrontations with the police. As he has done in the past, he attempted to convince someone to perform highly illegal actions while he himself did nothing but shout. He was present again last night during the confrontation with the BART police. He must not be allowed to infiltrate the Occupy Oakland movement.

It is important to note that the only time he appears in any political situation is during a confrontation with police and that he is always alone and always encouraging others to commit criminal actions. It is also of note that OPD officers have addressed him by name in the streets several times in the past few years, the most recent instance being Tuesday.

An Oakland Tribune Article released yesterday states that "Mandingo Hayes–a man accused of being a police informant during the Oscar Grant movement–emerged, attempting to lead protesters down San Pablo towards police saying, "I don't care if its police there."

It is imperative that we stay safe and keep our eyes out for people who are known to have worked as police informants. Below are images of Mandingo.

This is a video of him being interviewed at an Oscar Grant Rally back in 2009 Oscar Grant Rally at Fruitvale BART

Mandingo, seated center, during the January 7, 2009 Oscar Grant protest


This is an image of Mandingo attempting to direct a group of demonstrators on Tuesday, October 25