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City Occupied: Wall Sitter Remains Perched High Above City Council in San Jose
by R. Robertson
Tuesday Oct 25th, 2011 5:52 PM
"Cracker" is still sending his message from the top of a 36 foot tall, 5 foot wide structure at City Hall in San Jose. Occupiers were raided by police again early this morning, tents removed, and arrests made. Cracker looked down on it all from his perch above.
In the wee hours of Tuesday, San Jose police once again raided the occupation site next to San Jose City Hall. The "we are the 99%" movement began there on October 2nd. At various times there have been between 3 and more than a dozen tents erected for a 24-7 occupation.

Protesters have come to expect police raids at about 3:30 a.m. They began last Friday, October 21. On Tuesday morning, October 25, seven protesters were arrested. Four were taken to jail on charges of illegal camping and three were cited and released for trespassing.
27 year old Shaun O'Kelly, known as "Cracker", scaled a 36-foot wall outside San Jose City Hall Monday morning and spent the night up on the five-foot wide ledge.

Corporate media reports SJPD as saying he will likely be arrested on both an illegal camping and trespassing charges when he comes down. Cracker says he will stay up there as long as he can.

Supporters are providing him with food, water, and blankets through a makeshift pulley system. Police had initially said they would not try to get him down, but they have spoken to him from a set of stairs where their shouts can be heard, encouraging him to descend. So far, Cracker is resolved to remain.

Cracker, along with other demonstrators, wants Mayor Chuck Reed and City Manager Deb Figone to come out of their offices and discuss the protesters' position with them.

Photo: JoAnne Coppo