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Call for Pizza from Protest Central

by Robert Norse
Commander X, an old hand at protests, is urging supporters of Occupy Santa Cruz to phone in (and pay for) pizza from local pizzarias as a measure of support. Pizza delivery should be directed to go to the front of the courthouse on the Water St. side and shout "free pizza". Such a system has worked well at other protests in other parts of the country and the world and would be much appreciated by the dampened but not discouraged throng seeking to reclaim democracy.
X also reports the General Assembly is in full swing in San Lorenzo Park where a fifth night of occupation is coming up. More than 100 folks returned with signs in front of the courthouse at various points during the day--in spite of last night's outrageous "No Signs Allowed" edict by the Sheriff's Deputies.

As yet the city has not opened the Park's bathrooms at night nor has a portapotty been secured, so apparently, at this point sanitary facilities are still touch and go. There have been suggestions of a march on the Parks and Recreation Department to demand that the bathrooms open during the day there also be open at night, since people are using the public space there.

City Council is also meeting tomorrow. The agenda is posted at .

The agenda has no items relevant to the uprising nationwide or in the city around Occupation Santa Cruz (big surprise) such as reinvesting in non-Wall St. related financial institutions, etc.

The segregated Oral Communications period is at 5 PM, a fact you wouldn't know from looking at the agenda summary, but which is buried in the agenda.

For those who want to come and urge the Council
(a) to instruct city police and Parks and Recreation to stop threatening demonstraters (as acting police chief Clark did on Friday night driving them away from Mission Plaza Park);
(b) op en bathroom facilities at night in San Lorenzo Park, and/or
(c) disinvest from the large banks and corrupt financial institutions,

5 PM tomorrow--Tuesday October 11th would be the time. The Council's regular sessions are only twice a month on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays. A forceful presence there would also be a media event.

In actual fact any of these issues could be put on real separate agenda items as an "emergency item" if a Council member brings it up and if 5 vote for it. Call the City Council hotline at 420-5020 and/or e-mail them at citycouncil [at] . Tedious as the OSC General Assembly has been at times, it still beats the City Council hands down for public participation, accountability, and accessibility.

City Council meets at City Hall at 809 Center St. across from the main public library. Currently City Hall grounds "close" at night--in a special anti-protest move taken last year to criminalize homeless protesters from PeaceCamp2010. Ironically they were protesting the City's anti-homeless and anti-protester Sleeping Ban and its use of PC 647e, the anti-lodging law being threatened for use now against OSC.

However if anywhere is the center of legislative "power", City Hall is. That's where the powerful City Manager makes his nest (a more powerful figure in Santa Cruz than Mayor Coonerty. Manager Bernal's salary is over $200,000 per year).

There is a large grassy area where people could bed down if they get sleepy. Though, like San Lorenzo Park, it is "closed" to the public that pays for it and is supposedly its "owner" at night under the direction of city bureaucrats. Taking back this place might be of interest to OSC.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel (which I call the Urinal) has focused on a "local purchasing" item coming up on the Tuesday agenda, which may be of some remote interest to those at the assembly: . is an interesting story on the 1%'s response. No one has yet picked up on another suggestion made on the periphery of the General Assembly--that folks research and disseminate public info about Santa Cruz's 1% and the impact of developers (like Ow and Swenson), the Seaside Company, the Downtown Association, and other local landlords on city policy.

Again: I wrote this article on the urging of Commander X, who suggested the more food available for the wet hungry protesters the better. If you can't come down to help, send a hot pizza in your place!
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by Robert Norse
Spirits were high when I visited around 9 PM earlier tonight. Signs were visible all over the courthouse steps facing Water Street as well as along the lawn. Working groups from the General Assembly were still meeting and planning. Solidarity honks and raised fists were coming from passing cars and pedestrians.

Occupy Oakland began yesterday with strong numbers, music, and rejection of police intervention. Inspiring. See

In San Jose, police used the same tactic they tried on OSC last night: however the Grannies were still Raging: .

In Berkeley at People's Park, there's treesitting and sidewalk chalking--tactics suggested for Santa Cruz as well:

Today's Democracy Now reports massive arrests of Occupy Boston and Occupy Chicago protesters. This provocation, like the mass arrests in NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge will hop[efully backfire and prompt even stronger community response. Stay strong!

Folks at the Santa Cruz County Building and San Lorenzo Park could still use pizza and coffee. Hit the phones and internet to send some tummyside support.
by Robert Norse
Steve Pleich drew to my attention an item on the City Council agenda today at the 3 PM session regarding KB Homes (a developer) versus the Native American Alone Burial Ground at, and It's item #14 and should come up fairly soon after 3 PM.

Pleich also made the good point that it might be better to wait for City Council to come to Occupy Santa Cruz, rather than vice versa. I.e. Gather power and take direct action rather than seek permission. Which, I think, is right on. ON the other hand, this is a media opportunity to get to the tv media (which televises City Council) and demand they disinvest from Wall St. firms, restore rights for the homeless, provide public accessibility, etc.

If anyone goes, please report what went down.
by Robert Norse all those who passed on pizza money. Word has it from the protest that at least one pizza made its way to protester's bellys.

Same needs continue, so keep those pizzas coming!
by R. Norse
Tip of the hat to anyone (including Manthr Srinathi of Lulu's) who provides support for the OSC group.

For those interested in the background of Srimath's hostility to homeless folks and activists, see "LULU Carpenters Protest / Boycott" at .

I repeat, however, commendations to those supporting the protest.

The same laws being used against homeless people who sleep at night (MC 6.36.010 and PC 647e) have been used to bully and disperse OSC demonstrators. The poorest people in the community like political protesters face police pressure to abandon the public spaces. There are common causes here and I hope both the homeless community and OSC recognize them.
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