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OccupySF Resists Raid by Police and City Workers After Midnight, 10/6/11: video
by dave id
Friday Oct 7th, 2011 2:01 PM
For nearly three weeks demonstrators have been occupying financial areas in San Francisco, starting at the Bank of America building on September 17th and later moving to the the Federal Reserve Bank. On the evening of October 5th, after hundreds marched throughout downtown earlier in the day, the San Francisco police department delivered a notice to occupiers declaring that "this encampment is a violation of law." At 1:15am, police in riot gear moved in to create a line between occupiers and their supplies. SF Department of Public Work's employees then pulled up trucks on Market Street and began to clear out the site, taking the camp kitchen, tents, furniture, and more. After the first DPW truck was full of occupiers' property but had not yet left the scene, occupiers began to take wooden pallets and other items not yet confiscated to build a barricade in front of the line of trucks. Garbage cans, orange cones, tables, other urban debris, and even metal police barricades were gathered from the area and brought in to reinforce the sides and back of the enclosure around police and the DPW workers. In effect, the DPW trucks were kettled by demonstrators. Police opened up the enclosure around the back end of the DPW convoy in order to allow the trucks to escape down Main Street away from Market. Demonstrators physically placed themselves in front of the departing trucks repeatedly on Main Street. Police dragged away those who chose to sit or lie in front of the trucks and assaulted other demonstrators with clubs and by shoving them over. One person was arrested on Main Street after having been assaulted with a nightstick. Charges and status of arrestee are uncertain.
(video 19:05)

Note that the woman screaming in pain in this video at 15:40 can be seen being shoved over by officer with helmet #179 in the video at

OccupySF Resists Raid by Police and City Workers After Midnight, 10/6/11: photos

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by SynopticLabs
Sunday Oct 9th, 2011 8:51 PM
Police came in the middle of the night to remove the #OccupySF camp. At roughly timestamp 2:00 in the video, you can see officer #682 attack an unarmed protestor who had just complied with his order to get back on the sidewalk.

At timestamp 2:50 officer #682 appears to punch the subdued protestor in the head. The video doesn't show it well but, in person, the punch was clear and you can hear the reaction from the crowd who saw it too.

I want to take a moment and thank the vast majority of the SFPD force which, that night, showed restraint and professionalism in the face of a difficult crowd. Not all cops are bad. Most of them are just like the rest of us: the 99%.

Update: Officer #682 may be Ronald T Liberta based on a 2-yr old court filing:
(Thanks to @fakeconsultant)