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Challenge Unfair Punishment of Occupiers!
by Occupy Sacramento
Friday Oct 7th, 2011 9:51 AM
The occupiers have been also told that they have been banned for life from the premises, Cesar Chavez Public Park. They have an approximate court date of Oct 26.
Unfair Punishment of Occupiers (10/7/2011)

We have received news that 5 of the arrested occupiers have been released. Thus far, they have all been charged with:
Penal Code Sacramento City 9.16.140(b)(1).

“It is unlawful for any person to enter or remain upon any private property or business premises after having been notified by the owner or agent to keep off or keep away therefrom. Such notification shall be provided by service of a notice of trespass on such person.”
Penal Code CA 602k

“Entering any lands, whether unenclosed or enclosed by fence, for the purpose of injuring any property or property rights or with the intention of interfering with, obstructing, or injuring any lawful business or occupation carried on by the owner of the land, the owner's agent or by the person in lawful possession.”

The occupiers have been also told that they have been banned for life from the premises, Cesar Chavez Public Park. They have an approximate court date of Oct 26.

We strongly encourage all supporters to call the following numbers and protest these unfair punishments. Ask them to stop preventing peaceful citizens from participating in the democratic process.

City Manager: 9168087213
Chief of Police: 9168080800

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by 5 Ws and H
Friday Oct 7th, 2011 10:13 AM
Can you please supply more information?
What happened?
to Who?

by actionforprofitnewsblahblah
Saturday Oct 8th, 2011 2:11 AM
here's some video of police cracking down on day one

not sure how long video will remain on the utubes
Occupy Sacramento protesters vow to stay in Cesar Chavez Plaza
By Cynthia Hubert
Published: Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011 - 12:00 am | Page 3B

Local participants in a national resistance movement vowed to continue to "occupy" Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Sacramento through the weekend, despite the arrests of 20 demonstrators Thursday night.

The demonstrators were charged with "failure to disperse," a misdemeanor, after officers ordered them to leave the park around midnight, said Sacramento police spokesman Sgt. Andrew Pettit.

They spent the night in jail and emerged in the morning to the cheers of fellow participants in the Occupy Sacramento movement, an offshoot of a national protest against large corporations and Wall Street power.

"We need more people to take a stand tonight!" shouted Andrew Ramsey to about three dozen protesters who stood in front of the jail Friday morning, waving signs, singing peace songs and chanting their rage against corporate America.

"Stay in that park! Don't leave tonight," said Ramsey, 33, a student who planned to be among those who pitched a tent in a show of civil disobedience.

The scene Friday night was much the same as Thursday night, with approximately 100 people at the park about 9 p.m., most of them at Ninth and J Streets, waving signs and chanting.

A smaller group staked out the corner of 10th and I streets. Among them, were Davis residents Samuel Failor, Christeta Rillera and Janelle Hart, who said they work and attend school during the day but have been participating in the protest at night.

"We have jobs, it's not that we're poor," Hart said. "We don't want government money, we want government change."

Pettit said police will arrest anyone who refuses to leave after the park's official closing time of 11 p.m.

More than 500 Occupy Sacramento demonstrators took to downtown streets Thursday, chanting about democracy and change and carrying signs reading "Stop Corporate Greed" and similar slogans. Much of their anger seemed to be directed toward banks and other large corporations that they contend hold too much power and are dismissive of poor and middle-class people who are struggling.

They joined a burgeoning movement that began in New York's financial district more than three weeks ago as Occupy Wall Street and has spread across the country.

Although the number of local demonstrators dropped drastically Friday, leaders insisted that the crusade will continue indefinitely.
Arrests not expected in Friday night's 'Occupy Sacramento' protest
12:47 AM, Oct 8, 2011

SACRAMENTO, CA - In the wake of an active Thusday evening, 'Occupy Sacramento' protestors decided to leave Cesar Chavez Park when it closed rather than getting arrested a second time.

The "Occupy" movement started in New York City with "Occupy Wall Street" to protest corporate greed. The movement spread across the country and eventually to Sacramento.

Sacramento police arrested 20 protesters just after midnight Thursday after passing out flyers, giving warnings and ordering people to leave when the park closed at 11 p.m. Many of those protesters decided earlier in the day that they would stay regardless of warnings and get arrested.

Hundreds of protestors were at Cesar Chavez Park Friday morning, marching within the park and along nearby streets. However, Friday night was not meant with the same steam as Thursday night.

An agreement was made by many of the protestors to not stay past midnight, the park's closing time Friday. Instead, many plan to regain momentum on Saturday, hoping to gather more support and protestors to possibly stage another "arrest me if you must" event.

Several people arrested after Thursday night's protest said they will not risk being arrested again.

The protestors who were arrested Thursday face steep fines and possible jail time. Other protestors have court dates set for them to defend charges relating to refusing to leave the park after it closed when asked.