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Ed Schultz Co-opts Occupy Wall St. for Democratic Party!
by Lloyd Hart
Thursday Oct 6th, 2011 4:02 PM
Last night while I was watching MSNBC
Ed Schults Co-opts Occupy Wall St. for Democratic Party!

By Lloyd Hart

Last night while I was watching MSNBC what I predicted would happen, happened, Ed Schultz, the MSNBC host and a couple of Union leaders basically co-opted the Occupy Wall St. protest and the entire Occupy movement as being apart of Barack Obama's reelection campaign. If this perception is allowed to persist Occupy Wall St. and the broader Occupy movement will lose all credibility.

The people that voted the dems into a massive majority in 2008 are not stupid and know full well that a real economic stimulus bill could have been voted into place with just 51 senators in reconciliation. That a real health care bill could have been voted in with 51 senators in reconciliation and that a real banking reform bill bringing back Glass/Steagall could have been voted in with just some minor arm twisting by the president and members of congress and the public but what did the dem and Obama do, they sold their souls to the corporations and the defense dept.

Now the dems and Obama have crafted a too little too late jobs bill which is really their 2012 reelection campaign designed to black mail voters into voting democrat, "If you want jobs your going to have to vote for us!" the whole smelly democratic campaign seems to be saying.

The dems had their chance but reached out and took that sleazy money from wall street and the corporations and joined the republican party in spirit and body as they have done over and over again through out recent history.

It is now time to end the political monopoly that has choked the life out of the working and middle classes and search for the alternative.

Progressives and real lefties must leave the democrat party in the dust bin of history as too many of it's members are completely corrupt. Yes, it will be painful to watch the corrupt politicians in both parties work to crush working people's aspirations while a new alternative is being born but fighting for an new alternative will be far more rewarding than continuing to enable the kleptocracy of the democratic and republican parties.

While I will still give my all to the younger generation's aspirations and to working people's aspirations, the democratic and republican parties are dead to me.

Lloyd J Hart