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Police Brutality at Occupy SF Encampment
by Lalo Gonzalez
Thursday Oct 6th, 2011 7:56 AM
Duration 2 minutes
20 seconds into this clip an officer knocks a female protestor to the floor for no reason

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We had an AIDS encampment for years at UN Plaza. This police state terrorism can only be ordered by the mayor's office. Call Mayor Ed Lee to complain about this outrageous thievery and police brutality.
Mayor's Office
City Hall,
Room 200,
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 554-6141
Fax: (415) 554-6160
Email: mayoredwinlee [at]
by .t
Thursday Oct 6th, 2011 8:18 PM
It's interesting how different police departments seems to have persistently different cultures.

My experience in NYC resembled what you see in news clips now. The officers seem to be somewhat younger or more working class looking than on the west coast. Most are calm and don't give a damn if they see you jaywalking or similar, but the one time I attended a protest, a couple angry officers shut down the man with a bullhorn right away and threw him into a window, breaking the glass.

Oakland police always seem like they don't use their radios very much, and each officer is on their own program and decides what they feel like doing. In San Francisco, the department has this superficial sense of tolerance for slightly edgy behavior at large events, such as drinking at street fairs or naked people at bay to breakers. But once a line is crossed, the captain will issue an order over their earpieces to just arrest everyone on the whole block - regardless of the legality and justice.

I'm in Portland right now, and there was a huge turnout for the Occupy event (at least 5000), after large turnouts for planning meetings. Lingering into the early darkness, people are listening to open mics and filling a large downtown park block. The crowd is mixed. Their 'cool' mayor gave them executive permission to camp in the park. There were zero arrests despite many radicals in the crowd, and the police have been staying two blocks away the whole time and trying to facilitate passage and offering friendly advice. But you get the feeling that they're standing over there sniggering.
Some person staffing the PDXpoliceassociation twitter channel has been mocking them as jobless young people.!/pdxpolice
dxpolice PDX Police
Don't worry folks! The rich part of town is safe from "riff raff" tonight. #occupyportland
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pdxpolice PDX Police
How about some of you hot ladies start chanting your phone number? #occupyportland
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pdxpolice PDX Police
Who wants a photo of themselves being pepper sprayed for their Facebook profile? #occupyportland
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pdxpolice PDX Police
Can you guys quit with the drums? I feel like I'm at a Blazers game. #occupyportland
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TrendsPortland Trendsmap Portland
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PDX Police, @pdxpolice is now trending in #Portland

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If you still live with your mom you are the 99%. #occupyportland
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PDX Police
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Democracy sure has some artfully mussed hair. #occupyportland
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Any of you want my job while I run to the can? #occupyportland
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pdxpolice PDX Police
Wow, I thought a city full of MFA's would have more creative branding. YAWN. #occupyportland
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Not Sam Adams
MayorSamAdamsOK Not Sam Adams
by pdxpolice
I told @pdxpolice to take it easy on #OccupyPortland, but Randy Leonard is shining up his baseball bat.
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